ID.3 colour choice

Just interested which colour choice people who have booked (or are planning to book) an ID.3 have gone for.

  • Glacier White Metallic
  • Manganese Grey Metallic
  • Stonewashed Blue Metallic
  • Scale Silver Metallic
  • Makena Turquoise Metallic
  • Moonstone Grey Non-Metallic

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I’m both pretty torn on what I like most, though maybe a better way of phrasing it is I think they’re all pretty inoffensive. I think I like all except the Manganese grey / black, as it’s nice to show off the contrast black roof.

Even the turquoise being bright is still not too garish. This is the first I’ve seen “Penny Copper” and given it’s not on the VW website, guessing that colour is not live/available here yet?


With the ID.3 having black accents via the roof and boot lid, for me, the colour needs to contrast that.

I test-drove a white, which looked fantastic, but all I’ve seen on the road is white. The turquoise was stunning in the showroom with it’s 19" Andoya wheels like we will get on the family, so definitely turquoise for me.


I think penny copper is just an accent colour option (wheels and stickers essentially) - I think it might even have been a limited thing which isn’t available on new orders.


Surprised Stonewashed Blue hasn’t been more popular - I don’t think the name really helps!

For me the stonewashed blue is the most dull of the colour options. It’s not vibrant enough to be a standout or grey enough to be modern looking.

Each to their own of course.

Interested to know if there’s a difference between what people wanted/ordered vs what they get/got.

I chose the turquoise but my confirmation is I’m getting the manganese grey :roll_eyes:


Similar :rofl:

Some more characters for some reason

I wonder if they even got any turquoise I have only seen grey ones on the road where I live lol

I have a strong suspicion you’re right.

Let’s hope they have a better choice of colour for the q4 etron as will be swapping to one if those

Well, looks like turquoise has been very popular - perhaps unexpectedly so from Onto’s POV - and perhaps that’s the reason why some have had to be disappointed by not getting their 1st choice of colour.

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I wonder if ONTO get any choice in how many of each colour they are sent. Maybe to get the best price, they have to accept whatever quantities of the different colours that VW decides to supply.

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I suspect that is the case, more likley a VW corporate thing than ONTO.

It’s interesting though ‘cos the most popular car colours in recent years are always greys or other quite subdued colours - maybe people behave differently when making the choice (are more brave) if they a) aren’t buying and don’t need to think about resale value and b) can change after a month.

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Definitely true in my case.