I4CH information

Could someone please explain the I4CH cover people are talking about and why it would benifit me when have the car from ONTO??


Do you find most people take this out. ?

And the £40 per year cost ?? Not th single trip one

It’s very popular with people here. I’d say the majority of the regulars on this community have it.

It’s about £45-50 per year. I don’t remember the exact price. It’s a european annual policy. You used to be able to get some cashback on it going through the likes of TCB or Quidco, but I don’t know if that’s still the case.

As always, here is the disclaimer that it’s something that you need to go and take a look at carefully for yourself to see if it is suitable for your needs or not. Everyone’s circumstances are different and I am certainly not a financial advisor.


Top Cash Back worked for me in November. I saved around £17 which was recently paid into my account (10 week wait from TCB), making what was already a bargain even more attractive. They are currently offering 26.25% cashback according to my browser extension.
Based on my recent experience they are not the fastest moving company but once they get the bit between their teeth and start to address your case, they really go for it.


Just spotted this having been with Onto a few months now. I get the I4CH policy having already collected the car I should still be covered shouldn’t I as it’s a new “rental” agreement each month (so I’m effectively collecting the car each month)?

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Get the annual policy the day before a new hire period starts and you’ll be covered from then on.


Nearly a month away :frowning: but atleast I’m covered from next month now - thank you for this it’s a really handy!

The only thing to be aware of with this is whilst you will get your money back (I haven’t seen anyone on here ever suggest otherwise), you will have to wait for it until all their requirements are met. Namely the finalisation of the claim and Onto telling you how much of your excess you will be getting back. As obvious as this may seem, it is challenging for some people in that you will still have to pay the excess to Onto regardless of whose fault it is and each claim is another lot of monies. Again, everyone on here has gotten whatever was left from the excess after everything was all sorted but these things never move quickly, especially when it’s not their money to worry about.

I’m only saying that as there’s some people who are still waiting on the insurance to resolve. It’s not Onto’s fault either though but I’d set the expectation that you could be without that money for six to twelve months. If you cannot be without it for that long it might be worthwhile also paying the excess reduction but as the saying goes, you pays your money, you takes your chance.

Indeed the process is far to drawn out for my liking .

I’m 10 weeks down and still no further with ANY information regarding what’s happening and even IF the third party has admitted liability Or what I’m going to get back IF anything :man_shrugging:t2: