I4CH Cover

After following a few discussions about Excess insurance and the fact that it’s excellent value and a bit of a no brainer, I’ve decided to get myself an annual policy to start on my next hire renewal.

Now if I understand correctly, my current hire runs from 19th July to 19th August so I assume that my next month will start from 20th August and this would be the date that I need my I4CH to start from. Is that correct?

Well…. 19th, Shirley?

(Otherwise your day shifts every month until…… :man_shrugging::joy:)

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I would start it a few days before, just to be on the safe side, as its annual policy, so better to start before the new one hire agreement starts…


You need to take the excess insurance out the day before your subscription starts, so in your case 18th August at the very latest. It’s annual so a few days earlier is fine, even weeks before. It covers all hire cars remember.

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Yes, it will be on the same date - so in your case your agreement ends at 9am on the 19th and the new agreement starts at 9am on the 19th.

Cheers thanks folks :+1:

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