I4CH Claim- quick query for previous claimants

Quick question for those in the know- do you claim the immediate excess from I4CH (350 or 1000 depending on your ONTO subscription), or wait until the work is carried out and then present that final invoice? I’m guessing the latter but I do have a first invoice and I4CH IS excess insurance after all.
I’m not up to speed on insurance matters, having been lucky enough never to have made a claim, but have had the £350 invoice from ONTO today (Merry Christmas!!) with 7 days to pay. The vehicle isn’t being repaired until mid-January.
Not disputing the need to pay, I understand it’s contractual etc and those are the breaks (just for clarity).
Thanks all :slight_smile:

As soon as you have proof of payment you can make your claim. But if you get it settled and find that I4CH have overpaid you you’ll have to reimburse the difference back to them. So some people leave it until it’s all done before claiming to keep it simple.


Many thanks @Koda - I’ll start things moving this evening. Very much appreciate the help.

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