I3 Range Worries

So i’m due to get an i3 delivered shortly, i’m curious as to what the range is like on the vehicle based on not charging over night at home?

My partner has the Model 3 and the range drops considerably over night (28 miles last night) so i’m slightly concerned that with the i3 only doing 160 ish am i going to need to charge at home or daily with doing around 32 miles round trip a day?

Am i worrying more than i should?

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The i3 doesn’t lose any miles when not in use so you don’t have to worry about that. In the summer you can expect around 140-160 miles a charge depending on your driving style.


Yes worrying far more than needed. I doubt you will see any change in the range overnight with the i3.

Tesla has phantom drain with sentry mode, but this also might be because you need to change the settings on your account for the car. Cant remember the full details, but if you have it set to responsive it uses more power than say the less repsonsive setting.


Didn’t even think about Sentry Mode to be honest, that could be an issue, i thought it might have been Evezy’s box that installed for unlocking the car etc.

If it’s an evezy model 3 turn on sleep mode to allow the car to sleep rather than powering its computers 24/7…

" You can access Sleep Mode settings here, or go to our website, log in, and find it under the “My Account” menu. Feel free to change this setting as often as you want."


I was going to do a link but couldnt find it under My Account.
Odd as it used to be there even though I dont have a Tesla.
The link works though, so thats even stranger. :thinking:
If I remember all sunbsribers will have the setting by default to off.

@burnt_crisps2 il have a look tonight :smiley:

Our I3 doesn’t drop overnight in any noticeable way.

with a 32 mile round trip I’d have thought you could easily do 4 days, and the whole week at a pinch but I’d probably top up after 3 days so there was no issue if you have to divert.


@Desolate thats good to hear, it must be the something specific with the Tesla that’s making it drop then. Thanks for the advice.

Could it just be the climate at this time of year? Quite warm in the day, but chilly at night.

Possibly. Not had it long so hard to tell :smiley:

If you’ve turned on sleep mode and not using sentry mode, you shouldn’t lose 28 miles (8kW at 3.5mpkWh) in a night. I reckon it’s temperature related. As the battery cools overnight, the car recalculates expected range based on the lower temperature continuing during the day.


How do you turn on sleep mode ? is it in the car options or do you need the Tesla App ?

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Hey @tomford, I’ve posted this on another thread but I will post it here again for you as I believe it will help with your Model 3.

It is normal for Tesla’s to lose about 1-2% in charge level every 24 hours. If sentry mode is on, you can expect to lose around 1 mile per hour.

However, you may realise you are losing more than that even if sentry mode is off. This is due to the way our system communicates - it keeps polling the car to keep it awake, to ensure the connection is always active and you are able to lock/unlock without any delays.

We have built in the option for you to disable this, called “Sleep Mode”. By default, our Sleep Mode is turned off, meaning our system will constantly poll your car to keep it awake. You have the option to turn Sleep Mode on. This will save your Model 3’s battery, but it may take a bit longer (about 20 secs) for your Evezy app to connect to the car. You can also schedule it according to when you drive the car, so for example have it off during the day and on at night.

You can access Sleep Mode settings here , or go to our website, log in, and find it under the “My Account” menu. Feel free to change this setting as often as you want. (Remember to log in with the account that the Model 3 booking is under to make sure you are changing the settings for that car!)

In regards to the BMW i3, our App works a bit differently and you shouldn’t experience any battery drain, so the “Sleep mode” is just related to the Model 3.

If you have any further questions please let me know!


That’s perfect, thanks Lily will give sleep mode a try tonight :slight_smile:


You or the Model 3 ? :rofl:


Both possibly, i could do with a sleep mode


@tomford I have an i3 and left it at the airport for 3 days whilst on a business trip, when i came back the change had not dropped at all!
In these crazy times the car is sat on the drive all week and only goes out for the weekly shop and again, no loss in charge…
I would say based on your use you would be charging every 3/4 days… If your going on motorways it would be much more, If i am on a motorway journey i will plan in a rapid charger stop around 90 miles…
Hope this helps


Sorry to hijack this to model 3 issues but I find the range (according to the Evezy app) can go up as well as down. Mine loses something less than 1% per day now with it in sleep mode, with no use but with occasionally opening the doors and playing with the display. I put in and SD card and the next day it had lost 5% which I thought was excessive so I removed the card. Imagine my surprise to find the next day that it had got the 5% back. I assume this is an ambient temperature effect.

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