I3 or ZE50

So I’m currently in an i3 which I pretty much use to go back and two to work each day. I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews about the ZE50 but I know it does slightly more miles than the i3. What would people suggest stay with i3 or move to ZE50 ?

Do you need the extra range? The i3 can already do a reasonable distance between charges. Unless you want more range or want to save a bit of money, I personally wouldn’t recommend swapping just yet. Maybe once the majority of the ZE50 issues are resolved it would be worthwhile.

If you have your i3 on legacy pricing, don’t even think about returning it!


Not fussed about the cost it was more the range at the minute in charging every other day i3 is on the new pricing. Yeah seen the issues the Zoe is having which is what is putting me off

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If you specifically ask for a recently delivered one, there is less chance that it will suffer from the issues with preconditioning. Also you may not get the creaking boot, as hopefully by now that naughty robot has been re-trained and is welding much better!

Other issues mentioned are water ingress through the driver’s door seal, which I’ve not had, and flaky CCS charging. I had CCS refusals maybe three or four times during the first fortnight. Since then Zoe has charged as good as gold. I got 22kWh in 30 minutes at a Polar Ultracharger yesterday.

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I will swap you my zoe at the drop of a hat… I was swayed by the new shiny thing but want me i3 back haha :smile:


Doesn’t sound too bad then hmmm

That’s why I haven’t done it yet if I hate it I’m stuck as there won’t be any i3s to go back to haha

In which case that makes the Zoe a little more appealing. Even if you go for the GT Line trim you would still be saving (though I would personally save a bit more and go Iconic)

They aren’t terrible cars, and if you do need the longer range then it is a good option as it will give you that at a lower price. Just realistically you have to be prepared if you swap now that you may end up needing to go to a dealer at some point to correct a few issues ike preconditioning and a creaking noise from the boot… Oh, and suffering an ICE Courtesy car for a few days too! If you are willing to take that potential risk then it’s something to consider.

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Anything but the ZE50! Can’t wait until On.To offer me ANYTHING to replace it! It’s awful!


I’ve never had any electric car other than the ZE40 and now the ZE50’s and currently I’d take any other make of car in exchange for the ZOE, I absolutely detest it, just feels like a cheap tin can, with crappy seals and rubbish handling and a creaky boot which is appalling, oh and software that crashes constantly. Rant over - lol


Wonder if OnTo are reading these and have any response…
They seam to have quite a few customers unhappy with this car


Think I may stick with the i3 and just charge it hahah. Don’t think I want to risk the Zoe. :joy::joy:


I definitely wouldn’t move to a Zoe, it quite literally has one thing going for it, range and that’s it range alone and nothing else.



I currently have an I3 which I love, to replace the Zoe GTline which I hated. To paraphrase an old joke the Zoe has all the right bits but not necessarily in the right order.

Pros for the Zoe

Cheaper, smaller and more range. If you worry about range a lot then this is going to be a step up. The handling is OK, the motor is plenty powerful enough. It is spacious enough inside, seats are comfortable, it has proper rear doors and you don’t have to open the front doors to get to the back. The software and screen have a modern feel and integration with Android Auto is better than the I3, audio sound system is significantly better than the I3.

Cons for the Zoe

Where do I begin, I simply can’t understand what the engineers and designers were thinking when they put this together. I don’t think any of them ever actually tried using the car after they had guessed the initial layout and settings. It’s not that it has been built down to a price it is just that it has the feel of a committee’s first draft of a car design. And then there is -

Rejects perfectly good chargers

B-mode has insufficient regen and doesn’t stop the car

Auto hold is unpredictable and doesn’t release smoothly

Parking brake doesn’t release quickly or reliably


No adaptive cruise control

Ineffective traction control

AC won’t run whilst charging

Pedestrian warning horn much tool loud inside the car

Poor and illogical switch gear layout

Having to turn the headlights off to go from auto to manual high beam

Lack of integration of touch screen with car and switchgear

No way to disable wireless charging pad and error message

Cable storage at the rear, charge point at the front

The utterly useless reverse-Tardis glovebox

@gt6k thanks for the feedback. Very informative. I think I will just work with the charging. Too much to think about with Zoe. Maybe in a couple of months when they maybe fix all the problems.

Made me smile. Thank you :rofl:

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Reading all these comments, I am glad I kept my ZE40. ZE50 sounds like more problems for more money.

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Early adopters nearly always get lots of pain, regardless of what it is.
And often it’s not all products.
I drove a ze50 yesterday, 20 plate, press demo car and it seemed great.
Charging was a pain, but not the cars fault.
Will recount that in another post.

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