I3 Disapeared

£399 Was the legacy price for the 120Ah, and £379 for the 94Ah iirc.

Yes I’m on full price.

Sorry, my mistake.

I was wondering why ONTO don’t keep these popular vehicles. Not sure how long the manufacturer’s warranty lasts, but this could be a consideration as they are notoriously expensive to repair when something goes wrong.

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I think most of the fleet gets refreshed as cars hit >2yo – there are tax, maintenance and upkeep issues all over the shop with keeping older vehicles.

My guess would be that from a fleet management perspective (not to mention dashcam fitting, App compatibility etc), you want to minimise variance / specialism as much as possible to increase efficiency of operations.

Same reason Ryanair and Easyjet only fly one type of aircraft, it makes maintenance operations simpler and staff only need to know how to operate/work on one aircraft type (yes, I realise that cars are not airplanes!)

It looks fairly clear that Onto are focusing on a few key brand partnerships which will bring both simpler operations and efficiency there for them, but presumably also better negotiating power (bringing a balance of better income and more competitive pricing) which ultimately is a good thing.

While I’ll be very sad when we have to hand the keys back to our lovely little i3, it’s not a car for everyone, it’s got some quirks but hands down for me is just excellent quality and I think more than the sum of its parts. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s being retired and not refreshed :sob:


Is there a limit on mileage as well as time before retirement? If my usage stays broadly the the same and I keep my Zoe for the whole period (which is possible), it will have around 40,000 miles on the clock after 2 years!

I’m led to believe I have one of the last i3’s (69plate) I’ve not had the email yet but I’ve started looking at ordering a new one from BMW. Works out around £80 a month more than what I pay ONTO now plus my electric but I’ll be tied in for YEARS :sob:

I’ve got my heart set on a Fisker Ocean so don’t want to be tied in for years, as hopefully get one of them in 2years.

I only like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche & Audi. Definitely don’t want a Renault, Hyundai or a Citroen :see_no_evil:

@Lily_at_Onto @Carol for people like myself that only like premium cars are you really expecting me to come from a £470 BMW to a £1300 Audi?
I’m interested to know what your thinking we’ll all change too?

It’s still a >100% jump, but it’s worth noting that there is a Q4 eTron coming to the fleet (likely in September) at £999, in case you’d not seen that yet.

I agree though it’s a shame as the i3 is a truly brilliant car and if it suits you it’s really hard to beat, it just feels excellent to get in and drive.

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I’ve just had the email :sob::cry:

I’m gutted. It’ll be leaving me on 19th November (week it’s due for 1st service)

My dad says I should buy it. It’s my baby, I’ve had it from new, only had delivery miles on it. Honestly of all the cars I’ve had over the years, it’s given me more smiles than them all! And I’ve had some boss cars :crazy_face:

Ah that sucks - it’ll be <2 when it’s de-fleeted then? Unless the first reg date was a bit before you got it…

At the very least you could enquire as to what a cost might be to buy it from them? If you’ve had it from new you know the history and that it’s not plagued with issues, which is more than you could say for most second hand cars.

Several things to consider with it but if it suits you and you love it why not see what the £ is?


I got it June 2020 with 400 delivery miles on the clock.

First registration date is… January 2020 car, so I had planned to keep it till Spring next year then rough it a year till I get a Fisker Ocean.

The form they’ve sent me hasn’t got the VW family or the Q4 on it.

Looks like demand for i3’s second hand is going through the roof as well.

So… I’m about to order an i3 on PCP its working out around £40 a month more than what I was paying onto, then my electric will be around £40-55 on top.

I’ll be tied in for 4years. Can someone at onto tell me if your getting the ID4 and if it’ll be less than £700 a month please?

I tried the ID3 yesterday and OMG what a pile of rubbish that was :exploding_head: can’t believe people are paying over a hundred pounds more a month to have it :see_no_evil:

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as well as Insurance, CC Registration etc.

Got the dreaded i3 return email, sad to see her go !

But ordered ID3, if that disappoints I’ll swap to e208

Really disappointed to sign up and see the i3 appear as an option, only for it to vanish after registration. Is there any chance that it may return in the future again?

At this stage it’s unlikely as there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that Onto are looking into getting newer models added to the fleet.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though, and it may be something you can swap to in future if they ever happen to get some.

For now though, we know that the only cars to be added in the near future are the ID.3 Family, and the Audi Q4 E-Tron.

PS - Onto are having a massive surge in demand at the moment. They just restocked more cars yesterday so I’d strongly recommend placing a booking soon, while not being too picky about models, colors and dates to avoid disappointment - This can always be swapped at a later date if there’s another car you’d prefer for just £49.50.

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Anyone want my 2500 points?
I’m leaving onto surely I can gift these points to someone?

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I bet you can’t gift them. They’ll be tied to your account. Happy to be proven wrong though!

Are you going for a lease then?

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PCP. I sign on Monday for 71 plate BMW i3s on a 4year deal.

I’ll give onto one last call Monday morning. I’d prefer to stay with onto if they are getting the ID4 for £700 or any Mach-E’s?

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That feels near the right price for a lower spec ID.4. Mach E, I would love also.

Shame you can’t wait for a few months and see what they add.

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