I3 Disapeared

I’ve noticed the i3 has disappeared from the website today, is that because you don’t plan to get any more or a tech glitch?

I’ve phoned to ask but got through to a robot reading a script :see_no_evil::joy: who just kept repeating about getting a new model. There is no new model of i3 :woman_shrugging:t3:

The ZE40 got removed when the e-up came, so I guess the ID.3 is the new i3! A shame really. I loved the i3 I had!

Maybe to make way for the i3s…….


:sob: :broken_heart:

It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s permanent- with the age of them they’re probably not sending them out for new contracts and letting what comes back get retired — has helped make my decision to keep our beloved Bimini as long as we can!

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Me too!

The ID3 is far too expensive.
I’d prefer a BMW with the extra £70 in my pocket.

I’d love to know how they come up with the pricing!

Extra £90 isn’t it??

Oh wow! Yes!! So it is. Defo not worth it.

I’d pay an extra £100 for the i3s but not a VW :-1:t3:

Could save yourself a lot of money and get yourself “a BMW” like this. (Granted, it doesn’t have any badges on the wheels anymore, but you still get the front badge, the rear badge, and the one on the steering wheel) :wink:

Whilst the ID.3 is a great car and a worthy successor, it’s not a replacement for the i3 IMO. The particular shape of the i3, features, usability and comfort cannot be replicated.


I loved my i3 but out of the 3 cars I’ve had its the one I’m least likely to go back to. The main reason being the missing seat in the back and the annoying doors. Other than that, it’s a great car.


It’s definitely not the right car for anyone who regularly carries passengers in the back. It quickly becomes annoying to live with if you’re a user of these less practical design features.


Yes I have noticed the same and called to query and was told that i3 would not be continuing. And I have received an email yesterday basically saying the i3 is to retired and I have till mid October to make the decision to swap or cancel the sub. What a shame!
Out of the cars Onto has currently, I cannot find any matching up to i3 on range, performance and price!
I’d love to know what the reactions would be for other i3 subscribers…

It depends where your priorities lie really. Take out the performance and even the Zoe becomes a possible candidate - It costs less money and has a bigger battery for more range.

Take out the range (especially in winter) and you potentially have the e-208 for the same price.

Take out the price and you will probably land at the upcoming VW ID.3 - The design of this car isn’t too different from the i3 either.

If you have really decided for sure that you only want an i3 then it may be the end of the road for you in regards to Onto and you might have to look into alternative methods of sourcing a vehicle for the future. I appreciate that the i3 has a bit of a different feel to many other EVs, and if you really like it you may not be able to find something that checks all the boxes.


Have you considerd asking to purchase your beloved car from ONTO? Recent post from them indicated this could be a possibility? :older_man:


@BillN has proved that there is life after the i3. :wink:


Toying with the Kona (for the height) and the Zoe. Loved the e208 but relatively cramped inside vs the i3 aka TARDIS.

Having had the Kona and the Zoe, the Zoe is definitely smaller inside and the seats aren’t as comfy. The comfort of the Kona comes at a price of at least £160 a month more though. Over all I do prefer the Kona over the Zoe.


Maybe a chance to try all the vehicles one by one and then settle on the one you want long term. Coming off the legacy tariff frees you up to swap and change.


I’m not sure I’ve been on a legacy tariff ever, albeit my vehicle is now legacy!

I guess if you pay <£469/mo then you are on a legacy tariff. I’ve only been a member for a few months so I’m at the full whack, so going to something else won’t be quite as painful as for others who have been members for longer.