I’m a numpty

Really annoyed, somehow I’ve managed to lose my Shell card, not to be found anywhere. Hadn’t loaded it onto the app either, mind you I guess it will be blocked pretty quickly anyway. It’s a shame the man on the phone couldn’t give me an emergency number, so I could charge. How long am I going to be using my granny charger for until a replacement arrives? I’m not sure I can stand too long of Mrs L tutting at me…

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Why couldn’t they give you the number? I’ve never lost a card but I have had one replaced and they gave me the code to add to the app.


I guess they don’t know what the new number will be. I was hoping there was an emergency number, although I suppose that could be open to abise as there’s little accountability. It would be nice to get the details or a picture of the QR code for the new card before it was sent out though so I could add it to the app. I get post once a week if I’m lucky, could be an expensive mistake!

I can’t think of a solution other than giving you the number of the replacement before they post it.

One thought might be to do this. When you get to a charger just call and say the card reader isn’t working and get them to start it remotely. Might work :crossed_fingers:

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That would be awesome. It’s a shame they haven’t got an emergency card they could share or something! If the worst comes to the worst I’ll leave it plugged into a be.ev charger and take the hit later on next month.

@Lordsummit Hey!

The card will usually be blocked as the new one is ordered. These are currently sent direct from Shell so we don’t usually have the card details immediately unfortunately.

These are usually delivered within a couple of days however so hopefully it won’t be too much longer!



I love Onto, because unlike so many companies they really try to get it right. On Monday I received an email with a Royal Mail tracking number and the new card number. Thanks to whoever tried to sort this for me. Sadly though the tracking number is not recognised and none of the charge companies will start a charge for me using the number sent, I guess due to fear of fraudulent activity. It was also the long number on the Shell card so can’t be entered into the app! Fingers crossed it arrives today, as it is tricky to charge from the three pin due to the placement of the charge port on the Fiat, and using Rapids yourself is expensive!!!