I have debt collectors after me because ONTO did not fix their problem

Hi, was assured in October that the PCN that ONTO received before I got the car was sorted.

Just told by Debt Recovery Plus they will be taking my to court.

1 It was not my PCN - ONTO agreed
2 ONTO told me they would sort it out
3 ONTO did not sort it out
4 I’ve been on the phone for an hour to sort out
5 I’m furious my data has been shared without my permission in error
6 I’m furious ONTO seem unable to resolve

I’m on the phone but nobody is answering…

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@AnthonyR I’ll get our payments team right on it. Expect a phone call.

Onto didn’t notify me until 3 months later in 2022, I contested the fine and the council replied with a letter saying I don’t need to pay it. One month later, they said I ignored their previous letter and I will now have to pay £195 or go to court. I took it to the complaints department of the council in Sept 2022 about them saying I don’t need to pay it and then threatening me a month later, haven’t heard anything since.

Initially, Onto said they will pay the first £60 fine and pass it on to me but this was a blatant lie because months went by until I got the first threatening letter from the council.

Just got a call from Debt Recovery Plus despite you ensuring me this was sorted and my data was wiped. You really need to sort this out and if it affects my credit rating I will be taking legal action.

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