Hyundai ioniq Lane keep assist

Hyundai ioniq 38kw Lane keep assist is by no means auto pilot. It is very intermittent and indicates this by giving you a white icon on the dash when the function not available. When the icon turns green it seems to have some degree of observation but not optimal. It gives you a gentle tug on the steering wheel which can be a bit disconcerting at first but over time you become more aware of it’s limitations. Tends to drift from side to side whilst in lane, and doesn’t hold an accurate line in the middle of the lane. Good if you’re dosing off as you get an audible warning and a gentle tug back into lane. If you get multiple warnings from the lane keep assist then you know it’s time to take a break.

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This is exactly how lane keep assist is supposed to work. It’s a safety feature to stop you accidentally drifting over the white line without indicating, and get your attention. It’s not ‘autopilot’ and shouldn’t be used as such.

The Kona has full Highway Drive Assist, including Lane Follow Assist (LFA). This uses the camera to keep you centered in the middle of your lane and will steer the car to achieve this. Again this is not a full autonomous driving mode. You shouldn’t take your hands off the wheel or divert your attention. Consider it a driver aid rather than a self driving tool.

You only get LFA (convenience feature) on the Premium SE Trim, not regular Premium. The lower trim levels only get LKA (safety feature)


Oh I see, thanks for the heads up. I thought lane keep assist was to keep you centred. I now know how to use that driving feature correctly. I am driving the Premium and not the Premium SE.

I made that mistake. Hyundai used to have LKA in older models that did keep you centered and was called LKA Active.

However, it is now referred to as LFA, Lane Follow Assist. Which as you’ve seen is only on the Premium SE Ioniq. It’s confusing as they’re similar and used to have the same name.

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Thank you for the back story. Had no idea of LKA and LFA.