Hyundai Ioniq 5

This car would make a great addition.


If the price is right, I don’t think ONTO will refuse any EV a place on the fleet. Recently ONTO have been going for well equipped vehicles from the top of the range. Hence I can’t see the Ioniq 5s they would choose having a retail cost of less than £45k with monthlies probably between £650 and £699. So it’s going to be niche.

The ID3. on the other hand…


I soooooooo want this been watching vids on youtube


Late to the party, but yes please! Just saw this car yesterday and it looks to be incredible :heart_eyes:


Definitely would love to see the Ioniq 5 on ONTO. A real statement new ev.


Probably the car I’m currently most excited for. 350kwh charge rate… Yes please.


Well the fact that there are already two Hyundai models on the fleet bodes well for getting the 5. ONTO have obviously built up a good relationship with Hyundai.


Third model, as they had the 28 Ioniq’s before too.


Wahhh I really one!!!

Sounds odd, but I’d totally take a kettle in this car with its domestic plug so I can make a hot drink while I charge.

Not that I’m penny pinching, but motorway coffee is overpriced garbage.

Edit: while I’m at it maybe a flat screen tv and a sun chair to watch tv while charging.

Edit 2: while I’m at it maybe a hot tub

Edit 3: hope I can fit a hammock in too.

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I went to see this car today as it was on display in the bullring in Birmingham.

I grabbed a few shots of video too so I’ll cut something together and post it tomorrow.

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I ran past it this morning… Looks amazing

Fully Charged review of RHD version with German plates…

We’re at a top secret location, with something really special - the Hyundai Ioniq 5 - and this hotly anticipated electric car doesn’t disappoint.

It looks gorgeous, cool and smooth to drive, but it’s sophisticated electronics and software that really make the Ioniq stand out. An inverter system allows you to boost charging and the car comes with a plug adaptor that you can charge pretty much anything from, including another car!

Built as an EV and resembling a ‘hatchback on steroids’, the Ioniq 5 is extraordinary and will be incredibly popular when it launches at the end of this year.

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The Late Brake Show review…

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The following channels all put out their video reviews on the Ioniq 5 about 5/6 hours ago. Currently they have the following number of views:

62k Late Brake Show
48k Fully Charged
9k What Car?

Jonny Smith’s videos are getting very popular, and rightly so. Entertaining in an informative way and informative in an entertaining way.


Yes I’m liking jonnys content since he left fully charged

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I put together a video with my thoughts on the Ioniq 5 after viewing it over the weekend in Birmingham.

It was great to get a hands on with the actual car after seeing so much about it online.