How to use pre conditioning

Hi i took delivery of the new 20 plate zoe ze50 gtline this week and just trying to work out the pre conditioning, I know that there is an issue with the app but i am trying to set up in the car on the screen.just a couple of questions does the car need to be charging for it to work and how do i know it is working.i have it set in the calendar in the car thanks for any advice…im an electric car newbie


The car needs to be plugged in for the climate timers to work, but not with the app (once fixed)

That said, my 20 plate ZE50 didn’t seem to respond to timers either.

Thankfully the car heats up quite fast when you jump in and switch it on anyways.

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thanks ,how do i know if the app works i can set up times on my phone app and it sends to car and shows up on the phone ,how would i know if the app isnt working thanks

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Press the button at the top left of the app to launch preconditioning now. It would work even when unplugged. Stand next to the far and see if you hear the fans and heat pump come to life. It’s noisy so you won’t miss it.

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