How to renew the contract each month

@Lily_at_Onto I don’t understand how the monthly contract renewal is supposed to work. Each time I open the app I get warning that it needs signing but no means to sign it on the app or account. To be extra useful the Hide h button is hidden on the app on my main phone. I also get an email asking me I need to sign a contract but no link to get to it. So far I have had to ring up each month to get the contract sent. Is this how it is supposed to work?

Its supposed to give you an Eversign link for you to “E-sign” and then it emails you a completed copy.

That’s what i though should happen but each time so far I have had to ring up and request the eversign link to be sent to me. The contract is displayed in the app but with no means to sign it.

Odd, Do you use an iPhone? I’ve never had an issue with my Samsung

I also get the link emailed to me automatically every month (check spam or Gmail Promotions folders)

I use a Moto as my main phone, on this the ‘Hide’ button is off the top right of the screen so unusable. I also have a Samsung which displays the page properly but on both of them clicking the accept button just goes to a copy of the contract with no buttons or means to sign it.

I cracked it. I hadn’t realised that i had to press the ‘I’d like to keep my car’ button rather than the ‘view contract’ button. I suspect that in the past i had missed the tick to accept box so the ‘I’d like to keep my car’ button didn’t do anything.