How to deactivate child safety lock for back doors for Peugeot 208

Hey everyone,

Got the e208 delivered some days ago. What I could not figure out is how to deactivate the child safety lock pi for the back doors without the physical car key. Any other trick I could use?
Couldn’t find anything useful on YouTube.


Have a look in the manual if you haven’t already.

Not had time to read through this myself so not sure if it says anything you don’t already know.

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Thanks for looking into this. I can not find the button for the electric child lock, so I assume the e208 only has the manual child lock which I found. There is a rubber cap which can be removed. As the manual suggests the physical key should be used. I am not sure what else I could use.

It’s normally just a grommet with a slot the size of the end of the key. Should be able to turn in required direction with a different key/screwdriver/similar object. They only suggest key as would normally be present when needing to activate/deactivate.

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@martin if it’s any consolation I can’t do it either…and that’s with the key! Doesn’t seem to be any slot inside that I could see :thinking:

Yeah, they don’t look like any I’ve ever seen in previous cars I’ve had, and the rubber cap to me suggests that it’s only a manual lock in some models maybe?

Just found this:

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So it seems that if you disable the rear electric windows with the switch on the drivers door, you activate the child locks as well. Sort of logical I guess that if you need one feature you’d need the other at the same time. Just a shame it’s not more explicit in that section of the manual.

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Just checked and the part of the manual that talks about deactivating the rear electric window switches doesn’t mention this either. Quite an oversight considering the importance of this feature to owners with young children.

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Just tried this out and can confirm that you activate/deactivate rear child locks using the button for disabling rear electric window switches.


Indeed, using the button for disabling rear electric window works! Thanks @E7EV and everyone :clap:

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