How soon will new models be announced

Enjoying my new e208 but range is really low, I’m not wanting to change as its a really fun car but don’t enjoy charging the car once or twice a day at the rapid chargers.

Do we know we know when new models will be announced as hoping the cupra born, kia ev6 or even a polestar will pull me away from the the little pug.


I agree, some new models would be good. I took a BMW i4 out for a test drive and loved it, that would be amazing but doubt onto want another premium car :man_shrugging:

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It’s a QI answer… nobody knows!

Only certain key people within Onto will have an idea.

Due to the pandemic, chip shortages, manufacturing shutdowns, etc. my view is that maybe something will be announced in Q1, but more like Q2, 2022 and that’s assuming a reasonable batch of cars can be acquired/delivered.
For those that don’t understand that notation Q1, means first quarter months, Jan thru Mar, Q2 Apr thru Jun.


I don’t like them keeping us in the dark. If they’ve got a deal in the pipeline it would be nice to at least no about it, even if there’s no fixed date the car will be available for subscription. All we have is news about the fisker car which may be out next year at best

Don’t agree with that because that deal might be teased then the deal falls though for whatever reason you’ve got a load of customers who are pissed off the car didn’t come to fruition even thought you updated us and told us it was coming at some point. That has the potential for loss of earnings etc.
personally I think ONTO has expanded too quickly and now they’re suffering the consequences, like most businesses that expand too quickly.
Don’t get me wrong I love the user experience, the car options and what they’re trying to achieve…… etc.

Just remember @E7EV ’s questionnaire found quite a few are expecting the Fisker deal to fall through. What does that say about expectations and new models being announced by ONTO.


I think the Fisker deal is different because it’s a brand new car launch, lots of potential to go wrong, but if for example (and here’s wishful thinking) you’ve signed a deal to add polestar cars to your fleet I don’t see a problem with announcing that early with the caveat that the exact date of availability is unknown

Lots of companies these days like to keep their cards close to their chest, until announcement day.
Cant see thats an issue with Onto or any other company.
Sometimes its also about not wanting the competition to know as much as Joe Public.


Commercials and NDA’s will prevent OntO or any Manufacturer reporting any deals until they are through legal and financial hoops… These things take months and months. And the orders are only confirmed when that PO lands at the manufacturer

Just look at Hertz and Tesla - Hertz say we have ordered 100K Tesla’s to a big media fanfare… Tesla - Wheres the PO, you have ordered jack so far… Hertz looked like a bunch of idiots

I would rather OntO kept it to themselves before announcing it, just in case something stops it in its tracks and they have to back track…

Have to agree, they have become a victim of their own success…


^^^ This ^^^

The only way…

….is “patience, Grasshoppers


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