How silly do I feel………

Had my first major panic as an EV driver tonight. I had just finished charging the mokka E (to 80% as usual), went to turn the car on to drive away and was met with the red lights of doom on the dash and a message that read something like” traction battery fault, consult manual “
I went into complete panic mode and called the driver helpline straight away. They where excellent and arranged breakdown for me very quickly which left me with the daunting possibility of a long wait in the dark. However after about 20 minutes or so I thought I would give the car another try and low and behold it sparked into life and I was able to get home with no further problems. After a quick and very apologetic call to the helpline to cancel the RAC all is sorted. Has anyone else had this and did you panic as much as I did the 1st time this happened?? Please be kind as a feel bad enough already. 🫢😳


This is how all modern electricals are these days. If something goes wrong switch it off. Leave it a few minutes and turn it back on again.

I had problems with the original Renault Zoe quite a lot as it was rather picky where it would charge. If you got a big red warning saying there was an electrical failure or that charging was impossible. You just get out, lock the doors for 10 minutes and then everything would be back to normal.

It’s not always cause for concern when you see these warnings. Sometimes all it needs is a few minutes before resorting to calling the breakdown company.


Modern cars are like Windows PC’s and the BSOD (blue screen of death) and many other failure messages, that often are meaningless.

The cure is usually to turn it off, wait a while and then turn it back on again and it all magically works again, just as though nothing had ever happened.

It is somewhat scary/frightening when this happens in a car, so can more than appreciate your panic mode reaction. Most people would be in the same position.

These issues can occur on any make/model of car. I’ve seen issues with all the ones I have driven and I suspect Koda has seen quite a few too.


I saw a message that read something like DC charger failed (the charger broke on me while I was using it so I was scared I’d buggered the car up) and that scared me something rotten a few months back.


I go into an irrational panic the moment that one of the cars locks the cable in place on a PodPoint or similar destination charger - despite the car being clearly unlocked with the boot and at least one door open.

I have no idea why this stresses me out, even though it happens so frequently. 🧘🏻‍♂️

I seem to have the occasional CarPlay locking up and failure to - which is just annoying. That I can cope with better :joy:


I suppose these are the sort of things we need to get used to in the new digital electronic age​:grin::+1: doesn’t stop the feelings of panic and dread every time it happens though


Kids now adays wont ever have the fun of manual windows, no power steering, and no keyless entry… :slight_smile:


Plus crossply remould tyres, drum brakes all around, coat hanger aerial (if you had a radio):older_man:


Im not old enough to remember :stuck_out_tongue:

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I miss steam too …… :man_shrugging:

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Frozen windows inside and out in winter was a personal favourite :grin:

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Oh yes! The patterns it made on the bedroom window :flushed:……


I bought a two month old Fiat Uno in 1983. It had electric windows and central locking. Also a little screen in the middle of the dashboard that told you if a door was open or a bulb had blown. Very well equipped for such a small car.

I kept it for about 12 years. Needless to say, over time each of those gadgets eventually failed. The most annoying was the central locking which would unlock all the doors, but only lock three, meaning you had to manually lock the rear nearside one even when you were the only one using the vehicle.



My first Onto car was the Kona Ultimate. Incredible car, but every now and again the whole dash would die and everything would zero off EVEN THE SPEED.

"Sorry officer, I didn’t realise I was doing 96, the car said 0 :policewoman: :rofl:


That can’t be a common one, I’ve not had that in about 10k miles of driving mine.

I know a couple of others who’ve had it from here so definitely not just me.

Just carried on driving and it came back to life :joy:

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The ID.3 did this to me once as well…

First I’ve heard of that one, hopefully the last. :joy:

I’ve been lucky so far, not had any issues other than needing to reboot for Android Auto’s audio to work.

Similar happened to me in 208GT and the sat nav directed me to Arnold Clark. I realised that if you use the air con/heating whilst charging you’ll drain the battery or at least confuse the system. I stopped using the car whilst charging and haven’t had an issue, but the twice I had the issue I had aircon on for 5-10mins. When not charging if you do this the car will tell you it’s switching to low power mode to turn off or start the car but doesn’t warn whilst charging.

Happened to me once in the Kona. Luckily I was just coming to my stop so didn’t bother me much but it was a bit concerning if it happened on the motorway.