How does swapping cars work?

If I’m subscribed to a Model 3 Standard Range Plus and I decide to upgrade to a Long Range (for example), would I have to pay both a return fee for the old car, as well as the delivery fee for the new one? Also, would it be a single delivery/exchange process (where one guy delivers the new and collects the old)?

Thanks in advance.

No it will be just one swap fee. Can’t remember what it is these days. Last I remember it was £129. Others might help with the figure but it’s just one swap fee which covers both return and delivery of the swap car.

The only time you pay return and delivery fee is if you were to return your car and then book a new one later.

Swap fee now is £79.00 :smiley: but you can use your onto points towards it. I got my swap free with my points.


Ahh thanks for that. I think it was about 129 Mark for a short time and they brought it back down. But you are right you can also use swap points which you accumulate overtime

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Thanks everyone! I actually found the official wording on fees here: Delivery fees and conditions - Onto - Electric Car Subscription

I know nothing about this points system you speak of Pranjal, so I’ll look in to that. Sounds good.