How do I know if I am on the waitlist for an Up?

Hi, I joined up because I am interested in the VW e-UP. It has been a while since I have needed my own car and I’ll have to squeeze next to my husband’s car on the drive, so small is good.
There are clearly none available at the moment although when I signed up, I selected that car as the one I was interested in. Would I automatically be on the waitlist?
How would people here rate the Zoe as a potential alternative? My two sons are already tall at 11 and 13 and I might sometimes need to squeeze in the carrier for our greyhound, although I would expect to use the split fold at the rear to do that.
Thanks in advance for any constructive information.


Waitlists are now a thing of the past unfortunately. It’s just a case of checking the booking system and taking what you can find at the moment, due to very high demand.

Onto only have 40 UPs in the fleet right now, all of which have been allocated, mostly prioritised to those swapping out of legacy cars and upgrading to something newer. There will be more in future but it will likely be another small batch so very hard to get unless you’re in the right place at the right time.

Compare that to the Zoe, of which Onto ordered 1100 Zoe ZE50’s. There’s way more of them in circulation and it’s by far the most common model in their fleet. It’s definitely the easiest model to get booked into.

The Zoe is a better car if you ask me. It’s got a much bigger battery so more range, more dynamic support for charging it in various situations, and definitely more space if you are wanting children and dogs onboard. The Up doesn’t really sound like the right car for that anyways.

Remember of course you could start with a Zoe now, and then swap for just £49.50 if you wanted to try a different model as and when they become available. Just from what you told me I think the size of anything smaller is going to be a real push for you.


I believe there are no more waiting lists. The booking section on the website gets updated with available cars regularly so if you keep checking as often as you can you will hopefully find an available e-up soon :slight_smile:

I think the initial batch was available for delivery around the middle of June so I’m guessing all of them are with subscribers at the moment. Most likely some of them will return the car after a month so if you keep checking with a bit of luck you should be able to get one for delivery next month.

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Thanks Koda😊 I did wonder whether the Zoe might be a better bet, it certainly has more range, which given I’ll be using the motorway will probably be reassuring.

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Having children of similar age, and also having been owned by a greyhound and having owned a Citigo and now leasing a Zoe Id suggest the Zoe is by far the best bet! The boot is large, about the same size as my Yeti’s was, and my children whilst not particularly tall don’t complain about the space in the back! It’s a lovely car.

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Very tempted to book - no GT line ones, but there is an Iconic in stock. Is there much difference in practice?

Also, yes, the greyhound definitely owns me😂

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The Iconic will be missing the part leather seats, diamond alloy wheels, rear parking camera and front parking sensors. You’ll also get a slightly smaller touchscreen infotainment system.

It still has regular alloy wheels, and rear parking sensors however.

There’s no mechanical difference in terms of motor, battery size or charging speeds however. I’ve had both and wouldn’t have any issue with recommending the Iconic. It’s still very good.


I have the Iconic and, whilst I’m a bit of a geek and like toys on a car, I still prefer to have the extra tenner in my pocket and forego the small amount of extras the GT Line has. I actually prefer the smaller screen - it still shows everything you need to see.

There’s been a couple of times where front parking sensors would have been handy in one particular tight underground car park, but still not enough for me to regret my decision.


I can agree with this.

The larger screen system in the GT seems way more buggy than the Iconic version too. The smaller screen works better in my experience.

Front sensors are a little too sensitive. I generally turn them off as when you’re navigating around a tight bend like a curved car park ramp, drive-thru or whatever it starts beeping at you and you suddenly lose your confidence and worry that you’re about to hit the wall despite having tons of space.