Home Charging In Shared Building

Has anyone had any experience of installing a home charger in a shared building? Have recently moved to a flat in an old arts and craft house and my fellow residents have given me the thumbs up to install an home charger.

We can’t attach anything to the building so it will have to be free standing, any suggestions? Most of the home chargers I’ve seen on sites such as smarthomecharge.co.uk need to fitted to the wall. The freestanding chargers I’ve seen all seem to be for commercial business.

Secondly question is does anyone have any experience of how running a home charger works in shared buildings? Initially I will be the only one using it but moving forward others might want to use it. I am not sure how different flats would pay for charge electricity they used.

This is always a tricky one, unfortunately. It can get very complicated when so many people are involved, tenants, leaseholders and freeholder. Even if everyone agrees in principle, legal and safety implications often make it difficult or even impossible.

Just a couple of questions to clarify matters. Rhetorical if you feel they’re too intrusive.

Where is your flat situated in the building in relation to the parking area?
Do you have a designated parking space?
Is there a separate meter for the electric in the communal areas?
Would any cabling cross shared space?
Who would pay the installation costs, likely to be at least £750?
Would permission be required from the freeholder?
How do you charge now?

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I figured it probably won’t be straight forward!

Everybody who owns a property in the building is a freeholder, there are 11 of us in total. At the last freeholder meeting shortly before we moved in it was given the go-ahead in principle.

Due to the nature of the property nobody is allowed to park in front of it. There is no tarmac carpark, we have a large teardrop shaped piece of grass in front of the building people park around. There is an grass overflow car park next to it and I think would be best spot but I’m not sure if there is a power source there. We have a load of sheds next to it so I’m hopeful!

My biggest concern is finding a power source.

I was thinking of trying to get a charger installation company to come have a look to see if it’s viable. It’s very hard to describe you really need to see it.


Here’s an idea. This one is in the rustic gravel car park of a restaurant. Simply fitted to a post, this Rolec is often covered by vegetation, which has recently been cut back.


Something like that looks like it would be suitable. I will give Rolec a buzz :slight_smile: