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This is not Evezy specific, but for anyone who either has a home charger or has done their homework… what would you recommend and why?


Think there is a number of questions that need asking to determine what might be the best solution for anyone’s particular circumstances.

Apart from the obvious, off street parking one.
Do you have solar? Intend to get solar?
Do you have battery storage solution? Intend to get one?
What sort of energy supplier are you currently using and are you planning on switching?
Do you intend to charge everyday and at the same time?

Simplest and cheapest option is to get a sparky to install a simple commando socket, which is not a smart option, but suits many people.

Other options are the various smart chargers and there is almost too many to choose from in terms of size, aesthetics, price etc.

For me we already had solar, 5years now and had looked at battery storage last year. So just before Xmas we got a Powerwall2 and Zappi installed, which essentially gives us the best use of free energy from solar, along with switching to Octopus Agile which gives us time shifting with the battery too.

I would also check out the Ohme solution as that seems a great way to go, whether you have solar or not.

Seems a lot of cutting edge products from or in conjunction with Octopus and working with Tesla and others too.

Oh and finally not just your decision as the other half will decide on whether the aesthetics are suitable for the property, along with tethered or non tethered :crazy_face:


Good answer from @burnt_crisps2.

I would ask whether you care about scheduling your charging?

A simple option is to plug the car in when you get home and leave it overnight. It will be charged by morning. So you don’t need scheduling. In this case perhaps a Podpoint would work for you. It is well known and mine for one has been reliable, but it is dumb.

On the other hand if you have (or plan to get) a variable rate power contract (Octopus Go or Agile for example) you will want to schedule charging. You might also schedule charging to ensure the car and its batteries are warm when you are ready to depart each morning.

The options then are to schedule through the car (and better still the car’s app), in which case again, a dumb charger is fine.

If you want to schedule via the charger then you need a smart charger, which means it will usually have an app to set the charging times. So now you are looking at something like a Zappi or Ohme.

I am satisfied with my Podpoint overall, but wish I’d thought further ahead and got something more advanced.


I’m a big fan of this:

If I ever do get my evezy car, this is likely the charger I’ll pick up.


I have the Ohme one. I wanted a smart charger that had the potential for upgrading the software, if I decide to install solar panels etc.
Haven’t got a car yet though. Due my long term car at the end of April (it is on the ship!)


Hi all,

What’s the best way to find an installer for a home charger? Or, if anyone has recommendations around Birmingham…


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Will you be claiming the grant, or just financing it yourself?

Claiming the grant, if all goes well.

Have you asked ONTO to supply confirmation that you have had an EV from them for at least 6 months?

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I requested this confirmation letter via George on Chat last week. Email arrived with it attached the next day. Forwarded to my Installer to make the OLEV claim. We’ll done Onto and we’ll done George.🥸


HI. Not yet. I’ll do that soon enough, but am looking for an installer as well.

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I have no off street parking so never done this. Hopefully another subscriber from your area will be able to recommend a good installer. Have a look on the SpeakEV forum and use the Search Bar to find any threads that might answer your questions. More members on that forum so you’ll increase your chances of finding someone from the Birmingham area that has some recommendations.

My energy supplier was Octopus and I decided to switch to their tarrif called Octopus Go which gives me 4 hrs of overnight cheap rate of 5p / kW or Kwh (can never remember which it is, reminde @E7EV). Day rate acceptable to me but check your/ other suppliers first. They arranged everything with their supplier for install and provision of charger, install of smart meter and upgrade to the main supply fuse by Network Supplier. All completed with no problems. 🥸


Neither of them, if we’re being really pedantic!



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I have no idea if these guys would cover Birmingham, but they sorted me out and were from a personal recommendation and seem to travel all over. If you want a Zappi (which seems to be great from my experience at least) then it may at least be worth an ask. https://www.puregreenenergy.co.uk/

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Another recommendation from me for a Zappi charger on the assumption you either have or intend to get Solar PV along with Octopus Energy as an elecy supplier. The Zappi is smart and understands smart energy tariffs, like GO or Agile and can charge overnight on the cheapest half hour slots as well as use excess solar during the daytime. If you decide to switch to Octopus I and others have referral codes you can use to get £50 off your bill when you switch.
There are cheaper alternatives to the Zappi like Ohme and Octopus do a special offer on that product too, so worth checking them out. https://www.ohme-ev.com/shop/ohme-home-charger
There are also good prices for the EO mini pro2 … https://www.octopusev.com/eo

Always good to get several quotes from different suppliers to see what works out best for you.
Octopus Energy are fast becoming the goto supplier for elecy and other services and growing quickly, not just in the U.K. either.

I am in North Oxfordshire and my local installer for PV and chargers is and do travel around the country like many of these businesses. https://www.ecosunpower.co.uk/
Might be worth sounding them out if you are south side of Bham. They installed my solar 6 years ago and updated the system with a Powerwall2 and Zappi just over a year ago.


@Snufkin An interesting thread on SpeakEV about a home charger and recommendation of an installer in the Birmingham area.

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