Hi everyone! I’m Carol, new VP of Customer Service at Onto

Good afternoon all! Hellloooo!

Late last week @Rob_at_Onto kindly laid the foundations for me to step in and introduce myself.

At last I have found time to do that! Phew what a whirlwind the last 10 days have been!

My name is Carol Axe and I have over 30 years extensive experience in operational customer service and management of customer contact centres and their strategies. I have worked in a variety of industries, which have ranged from start ups to global corporates, beginning as an agent in a high volume inbound customer service team.

I joined Onto on the 4th Jan, so I am a week and half into my role, but I am keen to make a difference quickly and address short term quick wins both internally and external to the CS team that supports improvements to your experience with Onto. I am excited to join a great team with a fantastic business model, who I believe are helping all customers to make sustainable choices, challenging the current incumbent offerings across the industry and helping overcome the fear of moving into an unknown new way of doing things. With this come challenges and we are all ready and willing to overcome these to be the first choice for flexible access to EVs.

I can see from looking internally and externally that there are issues with the overall customer experience. My role will be wholly dedicated to championing this internally and driving improvement throughout the business and the customer lifecycle to deliver the world class, market leading customer experience you should all expect and receive during your time with Onto.

I have been spending time with the team and I believe that all of them are committed to making a difference and going on this journey we are about to undertake. This has allowed me to gain an insight into current issues within the workflows and systems and allowed me to think about a plan with priorities.

Our initial focus is recruitment and addressing the backlog, building up the KPI set to reflect performance and be suitable to model out requirements to plan for future growth, followed by system improvements and replacements where needed and working on the structure of the team to drive empowerment to resolve as many calls they can at the first point of contact. As Rob alluded to we are looking at taking our internal system for cases and building the capability for you to see progress of cases which cannot be resolved at the first point of contact and be able to hold us to account. This is not something that will happen quickly as we want to get this right, but please bear with us, this will be a key project for us and I bring extensive experience of this from my time with Plusnet, where I built the team to be recognised as a market leading back up by consumer validated awards.

What I cannot do is fix everything immediately, but please be assured my mission and commitment is to make changes that help us demonstrate progress, I will be available should I be needed in the community and this may be irregular at first but as I begin to understand the business more and become more embedded in my role and the business, this should be more frequent and I look forward to getting to know some of you better over the coming months. I also plan, as the backlogs are brought back under control and we have recruited and trained new team members, for CS to be proactive in the forums, alongside Lily. I will let you all know when we are in a good place to maintain a presence and ask them to introduce themselves to you all.


Hi Carol,

Excited to see you’re now part of the on.to team! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Great to see On.to taking customer service seriously and looking at the challenges you face as a scaling organization. One thing I would love to see is the return of webchat as a customer service channel - appreciate there is a lot to do but it’s very frustrating having the ‘chat’ bubble present but it doesn’t do anything :frowning:


Hi @flirble once we have the backlog under control we will be back on chat, please bear with me this is a priority for me


A ‘support ticket’ system is whats needed here, not live chat.

Then they can be prioritised, allocated, escalated and tracked.


We are working on this too which is a longer term project @Kev


Oh agreed, but no matter what is at the backend live chat is a totally legitimate channel into that system and method for customer service provision, I agree 100% needs to be backed up with a formal ticketing/request management system and as @Carol says likely a longer term thing for them at this stage.

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Welcome Carol I just want a bmw i3 nothing else :joy::joy::joy: good luck in your new role


Welcome Carol.

Great to seee OnTo taking proactive steps. The only downside was customer service so if that gets sorted then it will be a super company.


Awesome. One more request if I may, can you please magic up a Tesla for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I was told I’m at the top of the list after being accidentally dropped from it, but I’ve not had a call in the last 4 months.

The waiting lists system seems to be another huge issue


Welcome @Carol!

It sounds like it will be a busy few weeks ahead for you!

We are all very passionate about Onto, and always really keen to offer our (hopefully constructive) opinions! I know there have already been a few initial customer focus groups, but hopefully you are able to continue these, as I think these are a great way for us to feedback to you guys!

Best of luck!


Welcome Carol! I’m looking forward to seeing all of these improvements to the service. The customer service experience has been less than ideal recently as the company has expanded and struggled to keep up with the sudden increased demand, so it will be great to see things hopefully return to how they were in the Evezy days when you could get a fast response at any hour of the day.


magic is not in my skillset, but we will do our best


I am keen to do more focus groups and will arrange these as I start to gain traction and I feel the time is right, so watch this space!


I need to build the team and the structure that sits behind this, which is not a quick thing as I need to ensure we recruit the right people, but once this is done you should see us making strides as opposed to the baby steps we will endeavour to make while we bring the team to full strength

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I3, umm me too, but the new Hyundai range look good!

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Yes but an i3 next to my 2 series would look so nice lol


Whatever has happened I have finally got an i3 booked for 8th Feb yayyy if its new its a bonus if not I’m just happy thank you onto and as ever really fast service


great news for you :slight_smile: izzy wizzy lets get busy!


Hi Carol,

Apologies if this sounds blunt but what’s been the main cause for the backlog of emails and correspondence? Is it simply a resourcing issue? If so, why was it allowed to get like this?

Is the return of cars also something likely to be looked at? Seems there are a fair few people who have sent cars back, waited sometimes around 8 weeks, only to get a damage notification, which has then been “cancelled on this occasion” with some frequency?

Good to see this is being addressed though.

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