Hi, EV newbie

Hi, probably time to say hello. Renault Zoe GT line arriving next week on Thursday. Been planning for a while, but still a little nervous about moving from big old banger Volvo with 800 mile range to an EV, but it looks like it should work. Interested to hear from other people from the Manchester area, I live in Rochdale and work in Oldham, there’s a paucity of Shell and BP chargers in the area, just one Osprey rapid near work. When I booked the car there were more but be.ev seem to have taken over the whole world in the last few weeks. They’re currently free but for how long? They have installed a rapid near me, but noticed yesterday that someone spent about five hours attached to it. It has three outputs, can it charge more than one car at once? I’m looking at the one near the Heywood Civic Centre.
Anyway, it’ll be quite a journey I’m sure!

Some chargers can charge 2 cars at the same time, but this would only be 1 AC and 1 DC Connection. Thankfully with the Renault Zoe you can make use of both since it has 22kW AC as well as DC CCS Rapid charge.

BE.EV Is now the main charging operator in the Manchester area. So your charging will mostly have to be at your own expense, either on these chargepoints, or at home overnight if you have the ability to do this?

I’ve looked at the Heywood location but it doesn’t show on Zap Map at all, and there are no details or photos to speak of on Plugshare so I can’t comment for sure about that rapid charger for you regarding how many cars it can do. Someone definitely shouldn’t be connected for 5 hours though!

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Hi, thanks for that. So for now that one is free. Found it on Zap Map, it says one rapid device and three connectors. I guess that means one can charge at once. The MG was plugged into the side of it. Seems busiest during the day, I’ll just have to park it up in the evening and go for a run. Shame!

It would be good if you lived in an area like Greater Manchester if you could forgo the charging cards and pay a reduced rate. There’s only one charger that’s free anywhere near where I go from what I can see.

Anyway, looking forward to Thursday now.

I believe some will charge two vehicles at once, usually one AC and one DC. New chargers coming out on the Ecotricity network will be able to charge two on DC at the same time, although there may be some load sharing.

Probably plenty of mistakes there for @Koda and @BillN to correct, but I’m not getting out much at the moment :wink:


No you’re right. The first Gridserve install threw people off (myself included!) but is a temporary spare unit and will be getting swapped out again soon. First unit will be triple head and capable of any 2 of 3 connectors being used at once, with subsequent units alongside being CCS only, 2 CCS connectors per unit and both can be used together.

Looking at BE.EV they’re mostly using Circontrol Raption 50 chargers for their rapids. So yes they should definitely be able to do 1 AC and 1 DC charge session at the same time - So good news for a Zoe subscriber who can use either!


Fab!! Long May Andy Burnham keep footing my bill :slight_smile:

I can confirm the Be.EV rapids can charge both AC and DC at the same time. The Be.EV website seems to have a few which are not yet on Zap Map etc - and because they’re free, they’re popular!