Help with swaps

Evening all,

Just wondering if anyone can assist me with details of their experiences regarding car swaps.

How does it work regarding payments? For instance, do I have to pay upfront for the new car when I book the swap or will payment be taken on delivery day? What about the swap fee?

Also, how does it work with payments on the current car, would I be charged a full month on my anniversary date and then refunded once the swap takes place or will a smaller amount be debited for my current car as they know that the swap is taking place part way through that month.

Any help greatly appreciated as always :slight_smile:

I did a swap a week+ into a subscription month but arranged before the subscription month had restarted. I was charged the prorated amount for the current car when it renewed. For the car to be swapped, monthly payment and swap fee taken a week before the swap. I hope that helps.

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It seems that as long as you’re not leaving, you don’t have to wait until your renewal date to make changes to your subscription. When I joined two years ago, my renewal was the first of the month, now it’s the twelfth. Can’t quite remember how that happened!

If you scroll through your rental agreements and invoices on the online account it should give you the start and end dates so you can work out when the dates changed from the 1st to the 12th. I’d assume it probably was related to the Tesla issues though.

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Yes it was when I swapped from the ZE40 to ZE50 last August.