Help understanding chargers!

I used one down my way best charger iv used it works on onto shell card

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Fab, thanks @Marky216. Fingers crossed that’s the case nationwide!

Sooo, I heard back from Ian (CEO of Osprey) who very kindly addressed my concerns…

Hi Marc, thanks for your message. Unfortunately the Love Lane chargers are ABB units which aren’t compliant with the Recharge card. The same applies for those at Congleton, but all of the other 200 chargers are on the platform. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this will cause, but hope we continue to see you charging :+1:

So there you go, currently all but 2 of the Osprey chargers are free to use with our Shell Recharge cards. It just so happens that my 2 local ones, aren’t :roll_eyes: That leaves me with a choice… do I use a BP Pulse charger 3 miles away or pay for Osprey? I think I might continue to cough up for Osprey in the full knowledge that they always work! :rofl:

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That doesn’t seem quite right. As I said I have some ABB units in my general area too. It’s not just isolated to your area. While they aren’t perfect in terms of accepting the card they do mostly work with it.

Looking at Zap Map the BP charger unsurprisingly doesn’t look very reliable either. I’m assuming home or workplace charging isn’t an option for your circumstances? If not it looks like Osprey is your only real option.

(EDIT - I just checked Zap Map and the local one in question has been removed and replaced by Osprey’s usual Circontrol charger instead. I guess his point may be accurate, and it may also give hope of yours being replaced in the not too distance future too)

I can use the granny charger at home/work but prefer to use a rapid if I can. When I get my i3 I’ll try the Recharge card and see if I can get it to work. I have to agree that it seems strange that Osprey would allow 2 rogue units in their network 200 and not update them if required.

Just seen this… hopefully good news🤞

Ideally you want to be doing some occasional slower AC charging all the way to 100% if at all possible, even if just once per month. It will help with cell balancing, keeping the battery healthy and giving you a little more range per charge.

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Thanks for the info @Koda, I didn’t know that but will heed your advice :+1: