Help please - e208

Be.ev is free for now. You can start their machines using an app, but you get sent a card as well. It will become charging at some point this year, but they said that last year as well my research shows! It’s not included. I’ll let you know how I get on at the Osprey, going there at lunchtime, hopefully it’ll be free.

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Just as a heads-up - Osprey chargers have their own quirks. Some Shell cards seem to have a problem with some of them. And make sure you are tapping the RFID reader, not the debit card reader!

If you want to eliminate any faulty charger possibilities and concentrate on the car’s quirks, InstaVolt is definitely the way to go!

My code is olwQ3 if anyone else needs. Though we well ask be getting InstaVolt cards in a few weeks anyway!

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Excellent, thanks. One other thing to note is that when the 50kw rapid wouldn’t launch for my car, I was able to use the 43kw ac for a brief period before the machine locked up. Though this didn’t seem to charge the car any faster than the 7kw I eventually ended up at outside Tesco. Is that normal or should I have been getting 6x that speed. I expected as 43kw is only slightly less that 50kw it should still be pretty fast. Is it the DC connection that makes that speed rapid. Just rough basic calculations would lead me to believe that if you can get to 80% in 20-30 mins on 100kw, you should be able to get to 80% in 40-60mins on 43 to 50 kw??

You’ll be limited to the max AC rate of your car, which is 7kW on the Peugeot. (11kW was an optional extra, but I don’t think Onto paid for this).

Only the older Renault Zoe’s can take 43kW AC, and newer Zoe’s are 22kW AC.

The DC charging speed is separate, and always much faster.

Now that makes sense! I was going out of my mind thinking that I was doing something wrong. DC is the way forward then assuming I can get it to work. Will nip down to instavolt once the trusty granny has zapped in enough power to get me there.

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Yes, DC is the way forward.

Essentially, AC uses your car’s on board charger to convert the AC current to DC, which is why it’s different for each vehicle.

Great news guys. The DC has worked today using the suggestion from @ralderton of locking the car before putting the charger in. Random but it’s working so it’ll take it. Also, this time the dash display remains on showing state of charge. Perfect!


There’s no problem in turning the car on after you’ve started the charge (or at least, there shouldn’t be!) anyway. However if you do this, you may notice that you get inaccurate results for your m/kWh reading on your trip computer. You’ll think you’re getting a much higher rate than you actually are.

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Yes this has happened to me! Before charging it was 3.6mpkWh and after 11.7!

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I’m back at the Osprey now. Seems to be charging fine. It stopped at 60% the other day though. :crossed_fingers: for today. Glad you have it sorted. Well worth getting a be.ev card as it’s free and will undoubtably be so for a while. There is a rapid in Oldham somewhere, need to work out where!

Brilliant, thanks. According to ZapMap, the B.ev Rapid is at the Civic Centre :slight_smile:


Have the e208 myself only problem I’ve had is charging with a chargeplacescotland charger I couldn’t unlock when I was finished charging had to call the number up at 3am to do for me lucky someone picked up

@mediamonkeyuk have you called us to report the issue as we probably need to get this to a dealer if it is happening on all charging posts