Help! I have no idea what home charger I need?

Signed up today and placed an order for the Volkswagen ID3, delivery this Friday🤞
It’s my first EV after watching videos on and off for years, can’t wait!

I have an outdoor socket to charge with but would be looking to install a dedicated charger at some point. What should I get that would work with most EVs? Am a complete n00b in regards to charging, hence the basic question :rofl: Am concerned with powerdraw as we’re only on a single phase supply.

I’m in the southeast near Brighton, does anyone have a recommended installer in the area that could help?


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No, I cannot give you the specific answer - only having public charged and not having any possibility of getting a car near enough to our home to be able to be in this situation.

But with your included public charging options, I would carry on doing your research and DD as to your best, current options - meanwhile just look forward to enjoying the car. Public charging (well, for me anyway over the last 10 months and 11,000 miles) is no hardship - and certainly not the hardship and tribulation that some would have you believe :joy:


Have a look at what your local supermarket offers, if you’ve got a working GeniePoint and you shop at Morrisons you’re laughing.

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With Onto there is no need to get a home charger as public charging is all inclusive.
However it does help if you can plan the public charging into your daily/weekly routine so things like supermarket shopping/gym etc. work well so you are not sitting killing time in the car while it charges. Also many workplaces offer charging, so that could be an option for you or any others reading this thread.
Bannatyne gyms nearly always have a couple of Instavolt, Tesco have free podpoints, usually 7/22kW They sometimes have 50kW chargers, but these are not included with Onto, but are reasonably priced at only 28p/kWh.

If you can’t plan something around public charging, then the advantage of home charging is it just gets on with it overnight, but you will need cheap rate EV tariffs to make the most of this. If you are thinking of switching then can recommended Octopus Energy and have £50 referral code, just ask.

The fact that you are asking means you have off road parking for home charging. Single phase is more than capable of supplying a 7kW charger, which is the norm in the U.K.
There are loads of ‘smart’ chargers to choose from and some integrate well with solar, so you can divert any excess to an EV or indeed immersion for hot water. If you have or thinking of having solar at some point, then worth getting something that supports that in the months ahead.
Ones to look at are Zappi, EO mini, Ohme, Wallbox, Indra, etc. Ohme are often available at a discounted price via Octopus Energy.

All solar/battery storage/EV charger installer/suppliers are swamped with work at present due to the energy crisis and prices have also shot up. So you may be better just researching for the solution and getting it later on when the current madness has subsided a bit.


Thanks for the in-depth reply. That really helps!

I work from home and we get the shopping delivered. The car is mainly for errands, trips out and taking the kids to and from school (we’re rural, so it’s too far to walk). Maybe I could head into town once a week to charge while “working from a café” if I think the car needs a top-up… I guess we’ll see how it all works out once the EV arrives!

I’ll continue to do some research and look to get something installed when the current madness ends or at least dies down a bit…

Thanks again for the replies so far, it’s already helped a bunch :+1:


The Zap-Map app shows you what public charging points are available in your area. Use the filters to select charging speed and the networks covered by the three complimentary charging cards included in the subscription. There’s a list somewhere of all the networks covered.


Thanks, will check that out now!

You can also see if there’s anybody with a home charger listed on there, depending on just how rural you are.

I would recommend getting a 32a blue commando socket installed, which can be fitted by any electrician, then purchasing one of these, which can charge at up to 7.3kW, just like a dedicted wall box charger

You can then use the 32a commando socket for other uses, eg power washer or vacuum cleaner with the correct adapter, and also use the charging lead on the move. I have a set of different adaptor leads, 32a to 16a, 16a to 13a, 3ph to 1ph etc, so I can use the charging lead wherever I find an external socket on my travels, of any type :grinning:


This is interesting, thanks for posting! I am going to look into this.

I also live near Brighton (Hurstpierpoint) and I’ve discovered that Onto-included chargers are very spread out and often difficult to access. A new one is coming up at the Shell petrol station at Hickstead services on the A23.

We have a couple of Onto cars and so I’m looking at installing a charger at home (probably the Ohme Pro or the soon-to-come Evios) as a backup and also for guests when they come to visit.

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I didn’t mention this option as I’m not entirely sure this is allowed anymore under the new smart regs…

From today, June 30, all home and workplace electric car chargers are required to have certain smart charging functions. The new rules are intended to manage the strain on the National Grid with thousands of electric vehicles charging at the same time across England, Scotland and Wales.30 Jun 2022

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It is a portable charging lead not a fixed unit, so these new regs don’t apply…


That’s good to hear as it’s another great option for many who just need instant on/off charging.
And as you say has other uses. :+1:


Also don’t forget you can use the granny charger ,I use it at home just plug in overnight and will have a decent amount of charge for your need in morning


Another School Day.

:+1: We have a wealth of combined wisdom here, don’t we? :+1:

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Welcome to Onto @SuperSoul!

As other community members have mentioned, you absolutely do not need to have a home charger since you have access to the 3 nationwide charging networks (+1 Tesla super charger if you drive a Tesla).

That being said, if you still want a home charger, we’ve partnered with Pod Point if you’d like one installed at your home. You can get a £40/£50 discount (depending if you get a untethered or tethered unit). More info here: Electric car home chargers for home installation