Help appleCar play

Hi guys so I connected and registered my Hyundai but I cannot get apple play to show up on the screen, and also my blue link is telling me it’s the wrong pin how can I reset it? :sob:

Do you have a different iPhone that you can try? Then you can narrow it down to a problem with settings on the phone or the car.

Some cars need the phone plugged in via usb and some are wireless.

I know it works via usb but it should connect wirelessly can work out why it won’t

Are you sure? It never used to work wirelessly in the ioniq. There’s a lot cars that still need it to be plugged in.

Maybe it doesn’t but it does state that if you press the little man buzzer and ask it should connect. Just have to deal with a cable for now

The Ioniq does not support wireless CarPlay, you need to plug it in.

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