Heating controls - Peugeot 208

Hi all, received my first EV last Friday, Peugeot 208 GT-Line and loving it so far. Only problem I have is trying to get some heat! The onscreen controls seem straightforward but with no handbook it is all trial and error… any tips? All I get is cold air coming out even with manually push temp up to 23 or 24. Thanks

Can’t say I’ve noticed anything unusual regarding heating or cool air. Have you tried going up to max just to see if it is working correctly?

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I’ve had no issues getting warm air. Usually preheat the car via the app before going to work. Your e-208 may have an issue with the HVAC.

how do you do that via your App? My app used to show batter level but now doesn’t do that and I deleted and reinstalled it once already ??

Need to download the Peugeot app and register the VIN number. Set up in the Peugeot app with your own account.

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Depending on condensation/car temp the air con might blow cold for a while to ensure windows are clear and the car/engine is cool enought. In winter I was getting the freezing air but it was stopping me steaming up the windows by breathing! Maybe try the air con settings or press the front and rear window heat buttons to see if makes a dif.

Thanks, but I wouldn’t have thought the weather this week would have caused a prob, not had any condensation and had quite a good run today to give it time to heat up…think I need to register it as a fault…many thanks for the suggestions and I will have a go at downloading the app from Peugeot

Maybe the car is too warm and needing a cool down. If you register the Peugeot app it’ll take a couple of days to see your driving then delete and reinstall app and youll be able to precondition the car on then app. Just need the VIN. May be the car is just too warm so doesn’t want the heating on! Are you sure you need it on or just testing. Hope you get it sorted.

I’ve noticed if the car is in eco mode it only blows cool air.

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One thing I noticed is the a/c always comes on when you turn the heating on, whether you want it 15 degrees or 24, the a/c will be on unless you then turn it off. Usually the a/c is used to clear the windows but it’s a bit annoying the a/c always comes on especially if I only want 22 degrees or something, I feel the car should do that without the a/c - it absolutely rinses the battery.

Another quick question. What temperature does the car get to when you remotely turn on the a/c from the app? I do this in the evenings and it’s warm when I get in the car but I have no schedules so wondered what is the default temp it sets to?

I’ve read somewhere that it’s the temperature you set when you were last in the vehicle. Not sure how true this is as it’s difficult to tell when you get in. Never got in and found it to be really hot, even if I’d left it set at 24 degrees.

I don’t know if it’s the same as i3 but that always heats/cools to the same temperature. In my head it’s 20degrees in i3 but that sounds high.

To be honest, it’s probably only a feature I’ll use in the cold rather than ‘preheating’ in the summer. But might be worth a test when it’s hotter haha

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In my experience the i3 is based on the last temperature you set in the car. Whether that’s remote conditioning or using the auxiliary climate setting in the car it will remember your last temperature and heat/cool to that. It even changes the animation on screen with the air flow animation changing from blue, to white, to red depending on how hot/cold it is set to.

(I’m aware that BMW are a nightmare for constant software variations on a car made one month to the next, so feel the need to explain that my i3 experience isn’t with those from Onto’s fleet and your software may run differently to mine)

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I rarely changed the temperature in my i3. I always found it very difficult to ensure the windows didn’t mist up, so always had it set to 20 degrees. Seemed to always do the trick.

Saying that, it was always toasty and warm whenever i preheated it. I never started the ventilation before entering the car in the summer.

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@ET2021 I tried the heating at lunchtime when it was warmer and only got lukewarm air out despite setting the temperature at 24. I don’t think you’ll ever get really hot air out of a heat pump like you would from the heating system in an ICE.

Thanks for this, I have just got my VIN so will set up the Peugeot app and check!

Thanks everyone for your comments - I have the car booked into local garage to have controls checked on Friday. Thanks also for the tip about the Peugeot App, am installing now that I have VIN - great community here!


This is true. Check eco mode is not enabled otherwise it will be severely limiting any heating.

Infotainment screen completely blank this morning. Preheating worked no problem, but had to drive to work without any heating. A downside to not having physical heating controls. Hopefully it’ll work later on, otherwise I’ll be looking in the manual to see how to do a reboot. Failing that, a call to ONTO to book it in at local dealership.