Has onto opened overseas customer services?

Hi all,

Wanting to see if anyone else has had issues like this.

Onto decided to remove my car from my app so the remote key was no longer there. This left the secondary driver of my car stranded and had to get a £40 taxi to complete their journey.

When I rang customer services when they told me the app stopped working I got through to someone that I can confidently say probably spoke English to an A1 level - basic English only.

I was describing the problem and they had no idea what I meant. I speak extremely clearly without any regional accent. I repeated myself slowly several times and over the excruciating 4 minute call his final response was “you have accidentally deleted vehicle from your app?”.

It was incredibly frustrating and the issue went unfixed. This seems to be where onto customer service is heading, with a noticeable decrease in quality when the new person in charge of CS took over.

If I was continuing with onto I’d be extremely angry, but as I’m in the process of leaving it’s done nothing other than confirm it is right to leave.

I’m writing this as this evening I’ve gotten a voicemail from onto that again appears to speak very poor English and one earlier today from a native speaker. I’m guessing there is some kind of overseas provision for out of hours?

Thanks for the feedback @EDXB, sorry that you’ve had a poor experience with CS. I can confirm we have not outsourced our CS overseas. I’ll follow up on the interactions you’ve had with CS and the issue you are having with the app.


Did you spend the call talking to the customer advisor about your actual issue or the standard of their english? maybe that’s what caused the confusion :joy:

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I’ve got the call recorded. It’s hilariously bad.

Not once did I mention his language skills, I kept it to the app and the issue and he just didn’t understand. Reminded me of the mid-2000s when customer service was like this everywhere.

I’ve wondered if they’d outsourced, but more from responses at 1am than language.

Still enjoy Onto, but their CX is my biggest gripe and what would take me to a competitor (if their fleets & products weren’t so terrible).

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I was joking… because you’ve spent more time talking about someone’s level of English rather than your actual issue even on this post

I’ve had bad experiences with onto and bad english from other phone companies but never felt the need to go out of my way to record it

good job you’re not continuing with onto ay

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My work phone records every call.

I don’t care about the issue because my partner is now scared to used the car so using the app is irrelevant as I have a key.

It’s a good job she wasn’t wanting to get somewhere for an emergency, as Onto’s customer agent couldn’t think of any solution other than blame me for deleting the car on the app. I’m not sure if that’s even possible. But then he had absolutely no understanding of how the app works so makes sense.

The same happened recently when one of their bright sparks blamed me for purchasing a mileage bolt-on for the wrong car, when you don’t select what car it’s for (I only have one onto vehicle).

Serious lack of product awareness in the department that are supposed to be guiding those to use the product.

Having 15 years of customer service experience I can offer Onto my work from home service :laughing:
Just send me the laptop and headset and will do 4 hours a day.
Mind you people might think I’m abroad with my accent (Scottish) :laughing:
So if you need a guid customer service guy at 70 yrs old you know where I am @Adam_at_Onto

@j_arrad We are 24/7 which is why you get responses at that time (hope it didn’t wake you up).

What is it specifically about the CX, I understand fleet mix which we are working on but what is it about the product?

Hi @Jimmi1 If you would be open to moving to Warwick I’ve got a couple of roles open for CS. :slight_smile:

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How about remotely? I’m sure you could use a Karen or two :wink:

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I referred to Onto’s competitor/equivalent offering’s fleets & products being terrible, not Onto’s. I think the product UX/UI definitely has a way to go (inclusion of app billing, more fluid and responsive UI, better icon clarity, i.e ‘feature’, lots of button overlaps and broken features). I’m excited to see what’s to come in future, albeit a little slow moving, but, it’s by far better than anything else out there.

With respect to CX, I refer mostly to my thread - & several smaller interactions with minor issues with ops (faulty recharge card account, dirty car, delivery time issue, web mislabelled checkout problem), I just haven’t felt a logic + ‘human’ feel in those experiences, that I’d typically experience from a B2C scale-up of similar size & funding. No melodramatic major catastrophes, still very delighted to be a consumer, but the sentiment of not feeling ‘valued’ has been there since Day 1. This community & your particular engagement is a big +, though.

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@Kev we don’t have any Karen’s as yet :slight_smile: and only have Warwick based CS position at the moment but please keep an eye out on our recruitment portal.

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Thanks for the clarification @j_arrad I’ll take a look at the other thread.


You will be if Nicola has her way :wink: