Has BYD beaten Tesla to a truly affordable EV? | BYD Dolphin Review


I do like the Dolphin, it looks nice, and looks well thought out…

Hope it comes to the UK and the EU


“Tesla”, “Affordable”, pick one.

I know they promise a $25,000 “Model 2” but I won’t hold my breath until it’s actually there. In the mean time Chinese manufacturers are making cars that people can drive, today, at that price point.

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c. £10k in their homeland?

If that could be reflected in an Onto rental, with a 200+ ml range, I would even put up without a heated starter button…or whatever other needless junk is piled onto Euro RVs in an attempt to justify their double sized pricing…

Plze bring to UK at sub £15k :slight_smile:


Looks pretty good styling wise and those blade batteries make it desirable too.
Tesla dont seem to be in the business of making any affordable EV’s, that seems to have slipped well below the radar. But maybe that was the plan all along and others would fulfil that segment.

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Should be more fun cars out there.

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