Has anyone successfully claimed a "Reward"?

Hi all, my community account is pending deletion due to a few personal issues and disagreements (non related)

Last month I redeemed my rewards points balance to claim a discount on a mileage pack, I was charged the full pre-auth amount, and this was subsequently claimed by ONTO 8 days later

I raised it 8 days ago, and was assured it was “Only the pre-auth, the payment won’t be the full amount” - then when the payment was claimed, I’ve been sent the same invoice twice that shows the amount has been deducted from my monthly total, but I have still been charged the full amount. I’ve even had a 2nd reply confirming they haven’t charged the full amount, despite my bank confirming they have and the payment isn’t pending.

Has anyone else, “Successfully” redeemed any awards?



Yes I’ve redeemed the delivery charge reward.

It worked out a little strange, in the sense that basically £49.50 {or whatever the exact figure is} was credited to my account and it was taken off the part payment renewal price of my outgoing vehicle (as I was still due a payment between the time I ordered the vehicle and the exchange date) . They then charged me for the delivery separately and again separately for my new vehicle renewal amount.

So basically, I did redeem the reward but they way it was charged could be regarded as a little confusing.

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I have also redeemed successfully used for paying for my Significant Other Driver (grandmasuec) monthly charge. :older_man::older_woman:


how many points was this

500 points is worth £10, see below :older_man:

So how does it work?

Collect 1 point per £1. For every 100 points you will collect £2 of rewards.

Build your rewards. Accumulate your points and use them on selective non-subscription products.

Extra bonus. To celebrate 6 months of active subscription, you will receive 2500 extra points!

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It’s 2500 points for a swap.

As @Grandadgeorgec has listed above, there is a value for each point which makes it easy to work it out the cost of any reward.

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Thanks all, Onto were adamant they’d discounted the value of the points, the invoice even shows this, but the actual payment didn’t.

It’s been escalated and I have every faith it will be resolved, just asking if I was alone… seems so :see_no_evil:

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I’ve just queried it on live chat for the 2nd time in two months. Both times i have used points for the additional driver. And both times my AMEX has been charged the full amount, last month they credited immediately, this time they are checking what’s wrong. It’s not some massive issue but i’d prefer it was fixed!

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Sounds like the same issue that I’ve had, at least they are aware :+1: