Has anyone refused a delivery?

Today I was due to swop my Q4 for a Model 3 Long Range.

However when the vehicle was delivered the Dash cam was hanging like an air freshener and the connecting lead was hanging down from the roof on the passenger side. Also when I tested the Windscreen wipers the right hand side wiper was over shooting the screen and making a clanking noise.

I am guessing the car was not checked properly prior to delivery.

I refused the car, knowing that if I accepted it and then reported the fault I would be car less for a few days/weeks while they took it away and fixed it.

Sounds like I am being fussy, but when you pay £1300 a month for a car you expect it to be perfect when its delivered not slap dash.

Has anyone else ever refused a car for similar reasons ?


Shocking, have Onto arranged another car and delivery date?

It doesn’t sound like you’re being fussy.

Onto rely on third parties for maintenance and delivery, I think you have done the right thing putting the onus back on the third party delivery.

Go on online chat, or ‘phone, or email as convenient to YOU and I’m sure someone will be able to help.

Tagging @Raheel_at_Onto - but who has probably seen this by now…

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@peterlawrencewain196 you are absolutely not being fussy. Did you already contact CS to report? @Raheel_at_Onto can you please reach out to Peter to get this resolved please.


I believe they are aware of the situation. Haven’t heard anything from anyone since the delivery guy left.

Hi @peterlawrencewain196 - I’ve raised this with logistics earlier - just waiting for an update of the situation - I’ll be in touch tmrw & we’ll have this sorted :wink:


I’ve just had a similar sort of issue but more with the cleanliness, I didn’t make a point to check the interior when signing and I wish I had as I would have kept the ID3 Life until my new ID3 Family was clean.

This is a copy of what I’ve just sent to [email protected]

I have just taken delivery of my new ID 3 Family Pro Performance and I’m pretty disappointed with the cleanliness when delivered. This is now the second time I have had a car delivered and was below the standard I would expect given the price point of the cars on offer.

I have returned my previous ID 3 Life in excellent condition ensuring everything was cleaned and sanitised before collection, I also received this in pretty poor condition and had to spend the day cleaning it before use and another day cleaning it again when swapping for the ID 3 Family (i know this was my responsibility as we had used the car up until its return), but now I will have to spend another day cleaning the car to the standard I would have thought it would have been delivered to and the standard I have returned my previous 2 cars.

I have attached photos showing the grubbyness of the cars interior but what I’m not able to show is the stickiness of the surfaces as though something has been spilt and not cleaned leaving sticky residue everywhere.

The first time this happened I assumed it was a one off as the e208 I had prior to the ID 3 Life, was clean and tidy but as this was a brand new vehicle with 150 miles on the clock I wouldn’t expect this to be dirty. I am now wondering why I have spent a full day cleaning and sanitising the car only to have to do this again now I have received my new car.


This seems to be happening more regularly recently, ONTO need to have a strong word with their 3rd Party delivery co and take the cost of any cleaning required from their delivery fee. Hit them in their pocket and standards will rise (maybe) but wouldn’t hold my breath


@MattDoc101 - that’s absolutely appalling and I’m so sorry you keep experiencing a filthy delivery.

Please let me know how you get on with CS - the car should definitely arrive clean both inside and out irrespective of whether it’s new or slightly used.

That’s not our standard and not what we pay our third parties for l.

Thanks for raising this.

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I fell sorry for you guys with the logistics side of things… the outfit that delivered my Ioniq were something else.


I feel your pain. When I swapped my Id3 a couple of weeks ago I ensured the inside was fulyl cleaned and left immaculate, I would be embarrassed to send a car back however the car that was brought to me was absolutely disgusting. Stunk rotten of cigarettes and body odor. Fag ash down the sides of the driver seat, coffee drops all over the steering wheel… it was clear there was no attempt to clean the vehicle. The outside being dirty I can understand, you wash it, it picks up road dirt etc but the inside… no excuse. Clear the days of COVID safe handovers are long gone…


@peterlawrencewain196 how did the delivery driver react when you rejected it?

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I think he was expecting it, as he didn’t seem to surprised.

I am still waiting to hear back about it from someone from Onto. I still have the Q4 and am using it until its sorted out.


I think the idea is that drivers used for ONTO deliveries would be trained to provide a premium service. One part of this would be to not even leave the base with a vehicle that didn’t meet ONTO’s standards.


Absolutely. Do we know which logistics base/partner delivered this car?
The main one is Gefco, but it could have been subcontracted out if they were short of drivers.
Driver shortages is still an ongoing issue, but that’s still no excuse for even driving off base with a car that is not in tip top condition.


Surely it would be Gefco that makes sure it is in 1st class condition before the driver gets in it.
The only thing Gefco is not in control of is if the driver messes up the car whilst delivering it.

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Correct, however as I said above if this got subcontracted due to driver shortages at the last minute (day before) then it could have been another logistics outfit, who should have carried out the same PDI checks to ensure it was in grade A condition for delivery. There are holes in the quality and consistency of the logistics outfits. In general they are probably 99% great day in, day out. That 1% is what we see reported in threads on this and other social media forums. Remember very few people bother to post that they had a great delivery/collection experience, whereas everyone will report a problem/failure.

I used to work part time for a logistics company, AutoXP and they were excellent along with nearly all the drivers. Issues were a daily occurrence with delivering/collection. The cars however were always prepped correctly for delivery.
AutoXP have since been acquired by Gefco and even Gefco have now been acquired by CMA CGM.

It’s always worth asking the delivery driver who they work for, as they can be Gefco, BCA, Engineius and others.
Engineius are self employed drivers and basically take on the jobs they want to do and I believe do their own planning so often you get contact the day before delivery.

Well another day gone and still no communication from Onto. Why am I not surprised.

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I’m not either, it’s a poor show from ONTO - but again, it’ll be a third party that gets the blame (mostly correct), but someone at ONTO surely should take ownership and be in direct contact with the customer when situations like this arise!

Even if it’s a phone call every other day to reassure you they are working on it still and will get back to you with updates… it takes a couple of minutes and adds a bit of positivity to a bad experience.

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I’m not either as the issue will primarily be with the logistics partners.
Getting an exact replacement off the shelf just doesn’t happen, so it’ll take days to resolve and Onto will often be left hanging on the status.
They may have to fix that exact car, so probably needs a visit to a Tesla dealership, which is unlikely to be done at the drop of a hat.

It would be lovely if Onto responded timely as they often state, but it seems to fall through the cracks a bit too often. Hopefully that will improve this year.
At least you still have the previous car which is better than some situations that have arisen.
Small benefit as you will still have to re-prep the car for return when you do have a swapsie datetime.

I’m sure you’ll keep us posted of developments or otherwise.