Has anyone got a Mokka?

Anyone got the Mokka?

My much loved Kona hasnt got long left before Onto get in touch for R&R and there are no other Konas or ID.3’s ever coming up on the list, therefore before I get left with very little choice, I was wondering if anyone has tried the Mokka yet?

How reliable is the range?
How does it drive?
Are they on a 22 plate (That way i will be able to keep it for a long time)
Would you recommend one?

I know I could get this information from a review site, but I would prefer proper Electric heads, who know what they are talking about to advise


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Don’t give up on the Kona as the R&R team may be able to keep you in one anyway or indeed an ID.3

Even if they never appear on the availability list for my area?

I would sorely miss the range on my Kona. 330 miles on a full charge last week (Personal Record)

@K12Beano has just returned their Kona to try the Mokka so they are probably best to ask.

I Haven’t had a super long term play with the Mokka personally, but I don’t think it really competes with the Kona very well. You’ll get an upgrade in DC Charging times but everything else is a step down really. There’s nothing especially ‘wrong’ with it, just the Kona is so good that it’s hard for anything else to compete.

-Range estimates are all over the place. Real world range can be terrible in winter.
-Drive is far slower in acceleration, less engaging as a general driving experience, and brakes feel a bit weird when operating the pedal.
-Yes I think all of them are on 22 plates.
-I would recommend one to somebody if the price was right and it was suitable for their circumstances. But I feel like it would leave anyone coming from a Kona feeling quite disappointed… With the current Onto line up I feel like you might as well just get a Zoe (Also all on 22 plates now AFAIK) if you can’t get another Hyundai (whether that’s an Ioniq or Kona) - Yes it’s still a step down from a Kona but you’re going to get better range than the Mokka and save a lot more money in the process which at least helps to justify said step down.


Yes, because they are still current fleet models listed as available, they are just located at a different logistics base, (I can see availability of ID.3 in OX15 area) so would need moving base to base, but that’s part of the remit with R&R.

If they disappear from the website then that means the fleet is moving to something else, so trust that doesn’t happen before your replacement.

If it does disappear… as @Koda says above the Zoe is a good all rounder that ticks a lot of boxes just not all the extra tech bells and whistles the Kona has.

Trust you get what you really want :crossed_fingers:

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Day 4

I wrote a gut-feeling sketch a couple of days ago, just to record that early sense…

It seems a perfectly good small SUV-type-crossover-thingy. I’ve been surprised that it scores quite well on ride-quality and higher than the Kona and Ioniq for cabin sound-damping. It doesn’t chime at everything. It’s smooth to drive - but nowhere near the power of the Kona.

Yup. Range is down. Jury still out on how truthful the GOM is because it evaporates when you put it on a dual carriageway.

I’d characterise it as the ideal everyday first EV for someone used to a similar ICE.

It does a couple of things a little better than the Kona. Rear parking sensor/camera/display is actually better despite smaller screen!!

But cabin, whilst seeming spacious, is more cramped. Yet front doors open really wide: easiest access imaginable. And rear doors are a joke: you may as well try and crawl in through a window.

Charging curve is “useful”

Actual experience (Ionity) 23%-80% in 25 minutes - should be good for 100-110 miles I’d guess.

Averaging 4.1mi/kWh in first 400 miles - not being “careful” (I.e. full M’way/dual carriageway, and a/c)

Summary: surprisingly good to OK, commensurate with “saving” £60per month cf Kona. Couldn’t live with one for ever.


I would say hold on to the Kona as long as possible. However, I have just returned a 71 plate blue Ioniq done about 3390 miles. It was after I had a 21 plate kona ultimate. Our Ioniq (we named him Zoro!) was a massive surprise to me. Super accurate range meter and can easily do over 200 miles if you drive well. Motorway I have been getting easily 190+ with A/C at 22 degrees. Actually pretty impressed with Zoro.

Watch out for it if you are in London Region. Its going back to sheerness depot. It had a full interior and exterior clean, polished before return so hopefully gefco folks don’t ruin it with their filthy cleaning cloth. Each time I’ve got a car from there the windscreen has been so horribly cleaned. Worst thing to discover when driving at night with the lights refracting in angles you would not imagine.


Wise words Koda, Thanks

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I prefer a cappukkino myself :wink:


I am currently in the mokka and recording my next set of reviews for my channel

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To be honest I would take the citroen over the mokka much better feel to it much more spacious ,I dont think people realise that the mokka is pretty much a corsa on big wheels


I was looking at the citroen as an alternative as not a fan generally of Vauxhalls

I imagine it will suffer with the range issues as the same battery

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Similar - there’s just a slight difference in software et al as far I can tell.

The Stellantis Rash (all five) are 50s with (apparently) useable of about 45 and in first 500 miles I appear to be averaging 4.0…. Although GOM is all over the place….

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I do a full range test of the ec4 on my channel and to be honest it wasn’t too bad I was getting averages of 4.2 and unless you do loads of long distance driving there’s plenty of range for your everyday use

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