Happy Campers!

If ONTO offered this, how much would you pay for a month?


Just looked at camper van hire VW T6.1 which is circa £85/day So £2550 a month and another place at £595/week so not cheap for an ICE version.


If you hired it for a month, to maybe go camping for a fortnight, it could be viable. It would replace your current vehicle for that month, and save you a lot in accommodation costs. Obviously the swap fees would have to be factored in, but you may be able to use your loyalty points to cover some of that expense.



But BUZZ every time!! :+1:

Mrs Beano actually thought the camouflage on the ID.BUZZ was the real thing and wants a multicolour-rainbow one - we don’t even have any plans for a camper van - but it looks so cool!

(I know the Onto issue will hinge on the fact that it will have potentially highly seasonal demand - although, is that true :thinking:? - a bit like discussions we have had about bikes….:man_shrugging: … I could foresee a mid-winter meet at Land’s End with the Atlantic threatening to wash us away…:ocean:….:joy:)