Handing back, extortionate charges

Hi, just wondered if anyone else has handed a car back yet and been stung by a lot of charges?

I joined Evezy at the start of the year with an i3 and all was well, it wasn’t a new car, and there was a large mark on one side (which I photographed at the time and sent off), but otherwise wasn’t in great condition (lots of food left in the glove box etc and door pockets amongst other thing!?) but thought it fairly easy to sort.

Anyway, all as well and a couple of months ago handed the car back. I’ve now just received notification of damages for nearly £800. £93 each for 3 scuffed alloys, windscreen chips at £30, charges for ‘fallout’ etc and some strange damage which appears to be very new…

Has anyone experienced something similar? I tried to call evezy about it and they said they won’t discuss, and it must go via a different team who will correspond via email. It all just sounds very suspicious. The survey is also done by a third-party garage, which does make me wonder whether they are keen to add up the costs.

Anyway, a sad day as I’ll be handing back my current car after this. Was optimistic for the service, but it seems I didn’t calculate on all the revenue streams open to them.

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This is what I am worried about already, and I haven’t even started my subscription yet … isn’t there some sort of insurance that’d cover this? I take it the excess insurance is only good for the £1000 excess if paid for theft or accident. What about the end of term charges as you have mentioned are many.

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I’m getting increasingly concerned hearing people tell stories like this. I’ve returned two cars to ONTO recently and like you wasn’t impressed with the condition I received the vehicles in so it was quite hard to assess for damage before driving for the first time. Thankfully on both occasions it was mostly dirt, but there were little marks here and there that in my mind would all be covered under the wear and tear guidelines. Stories like this are definitely starting to worry me however, especially given how much time has passed in your experience between returning a car and getting such an invoice. That’s unrealistic as there is a good chance that they could be charging you for damage that occured after it left your care too.

I’ll not be impressed if they try pulling a similar stunt with me in the coming weeks/months.

I think the Insurance4CarHire policy will also cover damage charges, but I am not 100% Sure.

If you have car hire excess insurance then you would need to report any new damage to ONTO during the month in which it occurred. You would then make an insurance claim as soon after the end of the monthly hire period as you could. This would be once ONTO has supplied you with all relevant documents to confirm the damage, that you are responsible and have paid. You should not allow damage to build up over several months, or until you hand the vehicle back, but report it as you go. If you do that, you can make an insurance claim multiple times during the year long policy, to a maximum of around £6k if I remember correctly.


You should be supplied with a report of each piece of damage along with photographic evidence. It’s always a good idea to take photos yourself just before the vehicle leaves your care. You can then compare photos to establish who is responsible.

There is a guide on the website which explains what is considered to be fair wear and tear and what is damage that is chargeable.

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Are you planning on handing your Zoe back soon?

Already have due to personal circumstances. I left with the promise that I’d be back in the near future and I’m going to go back to the ZE50 when I return, hoping that the issues are resolved by then.

The slight boost in range and CCS support are very useful to have and would make longer trips that little bit easier. If I’m luckier next time and don’t have a faulty Bluetooth module, can reliably charge on CCS, and don’t have a creaking boot driving me to insanity I’m more than happy to pay the extra for the new model.

Now I just have to hope that they are reasonable with me regarding their inspection and damage charges. I’ve been honest on condition reports and took a good amount of photos which should help if needed. I’m just worried based on posts like the one above that they’re going to try their luck billing me for something that happened long after the car left my care, or for things that should be fair wear and tear.

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Well hopefully you’ll continue posting and keep us up to date with how things develop :wink:

My account >Useful documents >Evezy Fair Wear and Tear Guide

It is worth noting that ONTO is a BVRLA member. As such “Evezy will review deterioration in the condition of the vehicle by considering the age, mileage and whether the vehicle has been looked after sufficiently.”

I’m sticking around on these forums, just occasionally posting at weird times due to time zones.

I’m happy to stay even without currently having an ONTO vehicle so I can share my knowledge with others in need of advice and to keep up to date with changes like the new mileage policy which I am definitely a fan of compared to how it used to be done.

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Well my zoe goes back tomorrow and I’m expecting no funny business on charges especially as I’ve done a grand total of 250 miles since I got this car. Basically brand new with 290 miles on the clock.

Cleaned inside, too rainy to clean outside so have to take it back not fully clean but I won’t be impressed if they try and charge me for anything as it’s mint.

This was the list for the Tesla after 5 months, I cant say any of these are evident on the return photos but I wasn’t too worried and it wasn’t enough to be worth challenging.

Front Bumper - Chipped - Touch Up & Polish × 1 £15.11
Front Bumper - Scratched - Flat & Polish × 1 £11.75
Nearside Front Wing - Scratched - Flat & Polish × 1 £11.75
Rear Bumper - Scratched - Flat & Polish × 1 £11.75
Boot Lid - Scratched - Flat & Polish × 1 £11.75
Subtotal £62.11
VAT - United Kingdom (20% incl.) £10.36
Amount paid £62.11

I had the exact same experience with a Zoe ZE40 which I had for around 14 months.

Despite returning the car, in my opinion, in excellent condition for a vehicle that had covered 10,000 miles, I was stung several weeks later for repairs for some minor cosmetic marks and the infamous ‘fallout’.

I stupidly didn’t take any photos before handing it back, mainly because I thought the car was almost as I received it. The only hope I have is the guys who collected the car as they took many photos inside and out, so I have asked Onto to acquire these as evidence - this is still in progress and I’m waiting to hear back from them

I now have a Zoe ZE50, but the whole experience always leaves me with a sense of nervousness when I drive it.

What is this fallout?

The picture they provided looked like bird droppings which were not present when I handed it back! So I was charged for someone to polish it out. I guess it was sat somewhere outside for a few weeks before the inspection.

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The inspection should be done at the time the vehicle leaves your care, not hours, days or weeks later. Has vehicle inspection been out-sourced to a third party? There never used to be these issues.

If the same company that inspects the vehicles also does the repairs, then this is clearly a conflict of interests.


Yes I agree, interestingly there’s no date on the inspection report. Looks like Bruntingthorpe did the inspection and repairs!

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Probably BCA or Mannheim then as they both work out of Bruntingthorpe.

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I have just checked insurance4car hire and it says it covers:

What is Covered
We will pay You up to the Policy Limit, as stated within the Policy for up to the amount of Excess You have
to pay under the terms of the Rental Agreement for Your Rental Vehicle as a result of:
(a) ‘Damage’ to the Rental Vehicle;
(b) loss of use of the Rental Vehicle due to Damage;
© towing costs resulting from the Damage to the Rental Vehicle; or
(d) towing costs resulting from mechanical breakdown or electrical breakdown of the Rental Vehicle.
Provided that You are held responsible for the Damage as declared in the Rental Agreement and are liable
for the Excess.
The Policy also provides cover for the cost of repair of Damage to the windows, tyres, wheels, headlights,
undercarriage and roof of the Rental Vehicle if cover is not provided for these under the collision damage waiver
cover provided by the Car Rental Company.

I understand that scuffed alloys or a windscreen chip is covered by them??
I might be in a similar position soon handing back my ZE40, would be good to know in advance.

Well mines going back tomorrow with 1500 miles on it and not a mark on it, but I’ll be taking pictures and video before it leaves. It’s in better condition than how I recieved it, it defo hadn’t been cleaned prior to it been delivered. Door shuts were filthy,looked like it had been stored in a field, disappointed didnt come close