Gridserve to Partner with ONTO

I met Toddington Harper (Gridserve CEO) today and he drives an i3 supplied by ONTO.

He told me that Gridserve will partner up with ONTO to provide access to their chargers. I’m assuming that will include Ecotricity, as it was at their site that I met him. As an ONTO subscriber, he has a vested interest, after all!


OMG that would be awesome. :partying_face:

As I understand it, Ecotricity is no longer playing an active role. What they have told me makes it sounds like the Electric Highway is to be operated by Gridserve with their chargers, their payment system, and their support. There doesn’t appear to be any difference whether their charger is at a MSA under the Electric Highway branding, or if it’s on one of their own forecourts.

The RFID Cards they told me about for preferential rates were to be accepted at both locations for example.

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More big news. Things are really taking off for Onto I feel.

this is a hashtag-scoop!

So have you been visiting all the new charger sites today?

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Just Rugby Services!

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