GRIDSERVE: Electric Highway, Forecourt or Hub?

Robert Llewelyn interviews Toddington Harper. Amongst other things, they discuss the difference between the Gridserve Electric Highway, Electric Forecourt and Hub.

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At 37:08, Toddington at Toddington Services demonstrates Autocharge using his ONTO BMW i3. He confirmed that a fleet operator could enable all their vehicles and be billed centrally.

Looks like there’s an ONTO e-208 charging next to him as well.

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He has his own services now? :smiley:

Edit: strike that - thought it was a typo but apparently Toddington Services actually exists, he just happens to also be called Toddington!

I didn’t get that far, I couldn’t get past that it looked like the video had been shot on a flip phone from 2006 :joy:


Not by chance. He was named after the Services, as was his brother Heston!

I’m not sure I wanna know the why behind that - being named after a city is one thing but being named after a motorway services is another :joy:

You could say he is, as the Services are named after the village of Toddington which is nearby. However the MSA is better known than the village!


How’s his cousin Forton doing?

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