Gridserve Charging

Hi folks, does anyone know which of the three cards we have can be used at Gridserve charging points, assuming we can.

Cheers :+1:

Sadly none at the moment :frowning:

Shame that. I’m planning a trip from Crewe, Cheshire to Barnstaple, Devon and spotted a Gridserve Station at Bridgewater Services. Hey ho, I’ll have to detour.

It might be worth just paying for the charge rather than having a long detour…

I do this at meadowhell, i pay for the charging as its more convenient.


Why not have some super premium electrons at Porche… What’s good for the goose :laughing:

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Because I am doing other things with the boss, at Meadowhell, so rather then have her whinging about sitting for an amount of time, we are doing other stuff, shopping, cinema, food etc…

And I avoid getting drool over my dream car a Taycan :rofl:


Yup - with you on this theory.

Unless you need a copiously-expensive-charge-a-thon-session, popping £5-10 out of your own coffers just once in a while (for me 4 or 5 times in 10,000 miles) is useful.

I try (quite hard) NOT to buy a pastry or doughnut with my overly-priced coffee to offset this. But if the facilities are good :man_shrugging::zap: