Grid serve

Can we use Gridserve/Ecotricity? It would make the most sense as they are actually at every motorway services, whereas bp stuck behind hotels and hidden in little car parks in general, shell also off the beaten track, Ionity brilliant if you can find one, Basically I want to use the new ones at Rugby lol !!!

You can, but it will be out of your own pocket. It’s 30p/kWh for the Electric Highway network. Ecotricity units require the EH App. Gridserve units take a contactless credit card.

There’s deals being done in the background and you’ll likely see it being added in the future as part of the Onto subscription, but not just yet.


Nope, not at the moment, so I’m afraid you have to stump up the cost yourself :slight_smile:

Yeah I know I can pay and use any lol, I do a regular long distance journey every two months and all the best chargers on my route are electric highway, I travel from Newcastle to near Bognor Regis and I want them FREE :wink: (I’m just being greedy haha)

I’d guess Gridserve would sign a roaming agreement with Shell (like Ionity) before they sign with On.To - but that’s a totally uneducated guess.

I Take it you head south using the M1 Then? I Prefer that road myself and have no issue with paying for Electric Highway chargers. But if you switch to the A1 there’s lots more inclusive options from the likes of Instavolt and Shell.

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A1,M18,M1,A43,M40 and down through Portsmouth, I have no inclination to go anywhere near the M25 lol, I currently pay for electric highway because they are at services and faster charging, believe me I’ve been sat in a holiday inn car park at 3.30 in the morning charging from bp with no available loo or drink and it’s not great, now I’m a subscriber some of the bp ones are mega convenient on my return but on my outward journey they are well out of car range, also I’m not always on my own sometimes I have wife and child in tow and ladies need their comforts, don’t get me wrong I’m new to ev’s so I’m still in the blissful stage where my journey doesn’t cost me £100 in petrol one way anymore :blush::sunglasses:

I typically go south from Sheffield to Thorpe Park (Staines, near Heathrow) and there are plenty of Tesla options but not too many “<1 mile” options for other networks, but I typically go from 100% either way, so only need a short stop, which I’d probably take in an ICE or EV.


Try Milton Keynes park and ride just off the M1. Lots of ONTO options plus more as you head into town.

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Milton Keynes is passed my junction but thanks

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I went down to Brighton last week and did notice how thin on the ground chargers are south of the M25. Single BP points and most in pubs and hotels.
Ended up charging at Cobham Services but did have to wait 20 mins just to get into the services because of fuel ques.
100 miles from there and back to charge again but no ques on the night time.

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Yep that’s about right, there’s a lovely bp petrol station between portsmouth and Chichester, thing is it’s practically at the end of my journey literally ten minutes from my destination, it’s perfect on my return journey as I go there to charge for the journey home then as I travel home I usually go to electric highway for the convenience as I mentioned before, now I’m an onto subscriber I want the free stuff that I’ve already paid for ( I’m a Yorkshire lad ) lol


Next time you come, Electric Blue rapid chargers in Brighton itself are on free vend at the moment and not yet on ZapMap.

You can find details here:


Very few onto included chargers on your route, but there are 4 shell chargers near Newbury on the A34 bypass… Shell little Waitrose Tothill 150kW chargers which might help.

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I don’t go as far as Brighton, my destination is in littlehampton, and to avoid the m25 I go via Oxford past Winchester Southampton and through Portsmouth Chichester and Bognor Regis, I’ve spent far too much time sat on the m25 car park in the past to ever go near it again lol


Now that’s useful and not too far out of my way, hopefully the bp supercharger at Milton/Didcot will be available for me I’ve never used it before and to be honest didn’t know much about it until recently, in fact I’ve just looked where you mean and that’s perfect it’s right on my route, thanks


Great info thanks :pray:t2: I have to go again before Xmas.