Good to see more electric vans being deployed - Octopus Energy in this case…

Good to see companies switching to electric vans.

Wish a lot more were already doing this.
Most of the Amazon deliveries I see in our village are diesel vans or cars, so it’s a pleasant change to see an Amazon all electric van almost silently delivering goodies :blush:


Ford Reveals E-Transit Custom Electric Van For Europe

Still some way off, but the more this happens the better the planet will be with the reduced emissions…

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It’s not so good when you only have 1 Rapid Charger in a area of 45k inhabitants and your local council have 3 electric vans charging on them first thing in morning :rage:

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Which is why the council need to invest in their own charging infrastructure and stop stealing the public ones. Suggest a letter of complaint to the council and maybe a petition too.


It’s the councils that own them funded by Scottish Government through ChargePlace Scotland

Bummer, kinda scuppered, but maybe just badger them to get more installed :wink:

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