Getting the car washed

Hello everyone

Had the Zoe 50 for nearly a month now and am very happy. Here’s a question - what do I do if I want to leave the car to get valeted? Without the key etc…?

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Stay with it 🤷, seriously not sure when I got mine done I have the key !

I used a car wash where you wait while they do it. then i could turn it on for them etc.

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Honestly id say just clean the car yourself. You can save yourself a bit of money and avoid the risk of anyone else doing damage by scratching it or anything.

If you do have somewhere you trust, have it done while you wait. Stay with it and then you can keep it unlocked for them to work on.

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It needs a valet after only a month? Do you live on a farm? :wink:


Two months in and not washed or even hoovered out the inside of my Black Cat. Very impressed as I was expecting it to need more attention as I have never had a black car before. After the recent week away we had, it’s now looking like I might need to at least wash it.


@burnt_crisps2 two months. I’ve not cleaned mine since I got it 6 months ago haha

I looked into this as i thought of the same thing. So some one with a sponge is so bad as they will clean the bottom on the car then use the same sponge to clean the roof. The best way to clean is your self with many different sponges plus buckets.:rofl: The second best way is to to go to a car wash machine which isn’t to old.

I’ll share my little (undoubtedly crazy) trick. I wait for it to rain, then I run out with a sponge dowsed in car shampoo and quickly give Zoe a clean. I then retreat to the dry and let Mother Nature rinse her off. The soft rain water does wonders for her paintwork!


I’m in the same camp and the neighbours often comment I must be mad :grin:

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