Getting a new phone

I’ve had a look in previous topics but can’t seem to find the answer. This may sound really silly but I’m getting a new phone today, I don’t have a physical key yet so just wanted to make sure that with the Onto app it’s just a case of deleting it from the old device and reinstalling and logging in on the new one? Is it that simple? The phone is definitely compatible so have no worries there, just wanted confirmation of what I’m supposed to do as I don’t want to get locked out of my e208!!

You can actually have the app installed on multiple devices. I used to have it on 3 different devices.


Yes. Just delete it and log in on the new phone. Only thing you’ll have to do is download the digital key again, as if you just started your rental period again.

Also make sure your location services, Bluetooth and various permissions are fully enabled for the app to prevent any issues.


Thankyou… It just seemed too simple. Lol.

My “significant other driver” Grandmasuec has access from her phone logging onto the app with her user account and I have mine also setup on a spare old Galaxy s4 (no sim card but bluetooth and wifi on so ensure it has current key). All work. :woman_bald:

Yeah I’ve been able to log in to the car with my email and password on my friends phone after my phone was snatched. Saved the day, obv deleted app from his phone after I gained access to car and started it. I currently have my own login on both phones I have and also named driver has 2 devices he’s logged into as well. I’m not sure there is a upper limit?

Yeah this is a good reason to have your Onto password as something memorable, but obviosuly still very strong…rather than something completely random just stored in a password manager that you can’t recall if your phone in inaccessible (and you don’t have the key with you).

As an IT Security (aka “cybersecurity”) professional for 15 years now I can say that the XKCD web comic about passwords (referenced in that article) is one of the truest things to be written about passwords.

I use a password manager now and have a >40character passphrase to unlock it; I’m confident that it’s near enough not worth the effort to brute force and while it can take time to type out (particularly on a mobile), it gives me a level of comfort, along with me not personally knowing the very complex and unique passwords to each of the various online services I use.

Now obviously I’ve put my trust in the entity that I use to run the password manager, which is a big step, but their security model is quite sound, relies on pieces of data that I (and only I) hold to unlock the vault, and I have an offline 2 Factor Authenticator protecting my login to that as well, which gives me comfort.

This is now wildly off topic - apologies for that! My understanding is as above, that you can log onto multiple devices at present with Onto and there’s not a preventative control stopping you from doing so.

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I use a password manager and my ONTO password (24 chars) was generated by that and is single use. My usable phone also has fingerprint logon. My Significant Other Driver has her own password generated by the same password app and also fingerprint phone security. My spare phone stays at home. :woman_bald:

@Ayman_at_Onto, I will still be using the app any chance of fingerprint recognition as an upgrade? :woman_bald:

I was thinking though imagine you are out with a friend or whatever and your phone becomes unusable for whatever reason (and you also haven’t got the key for whatever reason)… if your Onto password is something like a long passphrase that you can remember (rather than a password manager generated random string which you can now not get access to on your phone), then you could just quickly download the app on your friend’s phone, log in, start the car, delete the app and off you go home. The alternative is calling Onto and going through security checks and doing it that way - which may well be just as easy but it maybe depends on the time of day and how busy they are etc.

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I use an online password manager that was recommended in Computer Active Mag as highly secure encrypted storage. So I can log onto that using internet browser and use my master password to retrieve my ONTO password as required. Yes a risk exists but to me minimal. :woman_bald:

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Ah yes that’s a good solution then. I don’t think my password manager can be accessed via a web browser - if I were to borrow someone’s phone to try and retrieve a password I don’t think I could.

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Any way - this is almost certainly all going to be of no concern to us most of us as we’ll just have the key fob in our pocket!

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Additional security features are on our radar for the future :smile:


Exactly this.
myontoe208wasdeliveredonthewettestdayinseptember would be a pretty strong passphrase and making it a mnemonic would help if it’s not something that’s frequently used (e.g. if you rely on the physical key mostly)

Obviously don’t use that string, but instead something that you will remember and is unique to you and don’t put it on a forum!

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If you PM me I can give you details of the free online password manager recommended by the respected Computer Active Mag. :woman_bald:

I don’t think I can because your profile is hidden. Anyway, I don’t think I could face transferring them all over to a different manager! Thanks anyway though!