Get a car in a rush

When plans change at short notice, it would be good if you could choose an express delivery option on cars to get them quicker. Obviously this would be subject to availability, but where I live for example the cars that are in stock have a rolling 2 week availability added on to them on the booking system.

If you urgently needed wheels, I wonder if I would be the only one to say I would happily pay extra to get it delivered the next day for example. Or failing that, the ability to travel to the local Gefco/BCA depot to collect yourself?

Especially when the app is still advertising that you can sign up and have a car delivered to your home within 3 days, I feel like something needs to be in place to make faster deliveries possible.


I agree. With covid restrictions easing we should be able to drive to the depot and swap

Agreed. I’d pay or drive to the depot if it meant getting my car the next day!

I wonder what the reason for the 2 week availability is?

I’m guessing it has more to do with the availability of the actual cars rather than not having any drivers since most of the cars I’ve checked have the two week wait at the moment, but there was an e208 yesterday that was available on the 25th and the e-tron would be available for delivery on the 27th May for me right now.

For my northern delivery region, they 100% have a few brand new Renault Zoe ZE50’s in stock at BCA in Manchester sitting there since May 13. If you check late night on the booking system, it adds an extra day to the wait time each night.

I appreciate that availability plays part with most of the other models though. For example there’s an Ioniq that’s showing with August 4 as the earliest delivery date. That’s not the soonest Gefco has an available driver. That’s just the soonest they will currently know that the car will be both returned and repaired, ready to be sent back out.

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4th June is earliest available date for etron for delivery in stoke

I’m in Milton Keynes, and so far all my cars have been delivered from Gefco in Corby so that might be where an e-tron is available for the 27th :man_shrugging:

Maybe the e208 for the 25th and the e-tron for the 27th were cancelled deliveries that are now free to book? It’s strange that all the other ones seem to have the rolling 2 week wait for delivery.

When they had the swap locations it was great, Could change a car quite quickly and the centre was 5 mins down the road from me…
Now you have to wait quite a while and pay quite an amount to swap…
Understand about the wait for new cars as these have to be checks, branded and fitted with the dash cams… but surely when a car is being swapped over it is the current owners responsibility to check and report any damage and have the car valeted so its clean for the next person… also the next person records and damage before they accept the car so there is a record there.
Would be good to know why the drop off collection points could not return, i would pay for this option!

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Now that’s odd. Because my cars are also delivered from Corby and as stated earlier I’m getting 4 June for e-tron

Try an MK post code and see what you’ll get. For example MK10 1SA

I just tried different places and it seems the cut off is somewhere around Northampton for the 27th. High Wycome is 27th as well.

Both Coventry and Birmingham for example only show the 4th June.

When I booked the ioniq the earliest I could pick was 13th July but selected 19th. I put it down to availability.
It would be nice for people to have the options though to suit them.

Yeah, your Ioniq is because someone likely booked it in for return ahead of time. They will add their buffer to allow for any repairs or maintenance to be done on the car and then back out to you. The Ioniq is very popular and in high demand so it’s not surprising that you have a wait for one of them.

There are cars like the Zoe ZE50 and DS3 Crossback that tend to sit around with models already in stock at the depots either because of huge availability, or lower popularity. These are the ones I’m talking about where it would be nice if they could get rid of that rolling 2 week delay that Onto are imposing themselves at present.

I wonder if returned cars actually get fed into the system once the return request has been received or once onto is in possession of the car again. On my last return it said in the email that I could change my mind anytime and keep the car, up to 3 days before the return date without any fees, after that the collection fee could be due.

So what happens if somebody books one of the due to be returned cars and the previous keeper decides to cancel the return and keep it? Especially problematic on some of the more in demand cars where it could take a while for onto to get another one.

Remember they do have spare cars. If one or two people change their mind, they do have enough reserve fleet to keep on top of that. All they need to do is then pull back the next car that somebody does go ahead to return and keep that one as a spare to make up for it instead.

Obviously if a huge number of subscribers were to book in a return and then change their mind all at once, they would have to start cancelling orders.

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