Any change of having genie point added to the free charging ? There seem to be a lot of these around the small towns car parks etc ?

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Try speaking to Shell and Geniepoint. Show interest and get them to work together to add it to the Shell card list of supported networks.

Alternatively speak to Onto and beg for them to give you a card for Geniepoint. They do have some as they give them out with their taxi side of the business, just not the personal vehicles. I don’t think anyone has managed to get one out of them so far however.

Quite a few Shell branded petrol stations seem to have GeniePoints so perhaps they may get them on the partner bandwagon soon.

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That’s because MFG are a large fuel station operator who have a contract with Shell (and BP too) to use their brands on their fuel forecourts, but also an exclusive deal with geniepoint. That’s why you will sometimes see Shell or BP branded fuel stations that host Geniepoint, rather than the fuel companies own charging brands.


I’ve been praying for Genie point for a long time as it’s the closest to me, however, I have seen some new charge points being installed at spare land adjacent to our local Porsche dealership, which I understand will already work with the Shell card, if this is the case I’m going to be very happy as it’s really close to me !!

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Very interesting - I spotted the Ionity Gretna was branded MFG and located in the BP forecourt… (vs a BP Pulse in the village of Gretna itself). My local MFG is a Shell - hope they buy in to Shell Recharge.

That’s actually a very good point. The Ionity charging bays at Gretna are indeed MFG Branded. I wonder if the contract of exclusivity with Geniepoint has now ended then. Maybe things will change in future, but for now my local MFG fuel station is a BP and still hosts a Genie charger.

My local MFG has new chargers going live at the end of the month, they’re 150kWh chargers as well. Already downloaded the app and don’t mind paying for a rapid charge at that speed. Would love a MFG card and a geniepoint one as there’s a few around here too.

An MFG partnership would be awesome… My local BP garage on the Coventry Road in Sheldon Birmingham have had a whole load of these fitted…


Is that at Redbridge?

North London Enfield.

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Just had this info in an email, which may or may not bode well for ONTO subscribers…
Hopefully all networks will transition to contactless/PAYG type infrastructure pronto.

Say hello to pay as you go charging

Dear GeniePoint Driver,
Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to make significant improvements to our network. From simplifying our prices and removing our connection fees, to starting the roll out of contactless charging, we’re listening to you, our drivers, to ensure we offer the best charging experience possible.

We understand from driver feedback that needing to have money in your GeniePoint account and topping up by £10 each time is a frustration, which is why we’ve made it our mission over the last few months to update this feature.

We’re pleased to inform you that as of the 30th September 2021, we will be making GeniePoint ‘pay as you go’, which means that when you charge with GeniePoint, you’ll only pay for what you use. We’ll no longer ask you to top-up to £10 when your balance falls to zero and we’ll remove the auto top-up feature.
No auto top-ups, no subscriptions – flexible electric vehicle charging.
How will it work?

As a registered driver, when you use the GeniePoint app or a registered RFID access card to charge, we will simply deduct the price of your charge from your registered debit or credit card once you’ve completed your charging session. For example, if your vehicle consumes 10kWh in a charging session at a rate of 35p/kWh, once completed, your payment card will be charged £3.50.

What do I need to do?

There’s nothing you need to do – we’ll manage everything for you. If you have credit remaining on your account, this credit will be used on your next charging session(s) until the credit is used up. When you have used all of your account credit, your registered debit or credit card will be used to pay for charging sessions on a pay as you go basis.

Should I turn auto-top up off now?

There’s no need to turn auto-top up off, as from the 30th September 2021, the auto top-up feature will automatically be switched off. Until then, you can continue to charge as usual with auto-top up enabled.

Will this change be effective across private scheme chargers?

There are a number of chargers supplied by GeniePoint that are owned privately. This change will be effective across all chargers – including private scheme chargers. For example, Revive Charging Network in Bristol.

Does this impact GeniePoint prices?

No – our prices will stay the same. No top ups, no connection fees. What’s not to love?

Please note that before a charging session, we may conduct a pre-authorisation for £8. This is a reserve amount that is temporarily held on your payment card until the total fee payable for the charging session is processed. Please visit our website for further information on pre-authorisation.
Some changes to our registered GeniePoint user terms and conditions.

We are making some changes to our registered GeniePoint user terms and conditions to reflect our move to ‘pay as you go’.

You can read the new terms and conditions at any time by visiting our website Terms and Conditions | GeniePoint. Please note, our current terms and conditions will be effective until 30th September 2021. If you do not wish to accept the revised terms, you can cancel the Contract for Services at any time by notifying us via email at [email protected].

If you have credit in your account and would like this returned to you, then you can do so by emailing our customer service team and notifying us of the amount you wish to be refunded. To find out what your current balance is, open the GeniePoint app or web-app and select ‘My Account’. Then, scroll down to ‘Account and Balance’ to view your current balance.

To request any credit to be returned, please email us at:[email protected]. Please state ‘Credit Refund’ as the email subject line and within the email, include your full name and the amount you wish to be returned (either the full amount or a partial amount). Any requests will be actioned after 30thSeptember 2021, and we will return up to the full balance on your account at the time of processing the request. We will strive to process any requests within 28 days.

If you have any questions about the above changes, as always, our customer service team are available 24/7 by email or phone:

[email protected]

020 3598 4087

Thank you for being a GeniePoint Network customer.

Yours faithfully,

The GeniePoint Network Team

In what way do you mean?

I’m thinking that the more networks that update their infrastructure to be contactless/PAYG the more likely they are to be ‘networked’ with other named networks. The back end stuff will have to work between them and it also might be a good acquisition strategy too. So possibly Shell etc. That would seem to help a number of ONTO subscribers, if it should happen, hence the may or may not comment. From a non ONTO perspective it means it’s also another network that is readily available to anyone with an EV.


Intermin MD of Engie, Dee Humphries, is an Onto subscriber and says giving Onto subscribers a GeniePoint card is a really good thought.


It would now be even better if this can happen as Genie Point have just announced a price increase to 42p.


Tried this new GeniePoint hub at Morrisons in Little Clacton.

A little disappointed as it wouldn’t accept the Shell Card. The guy at CS couldn’t really give a thorough explanation, but it seems that the Shell Card is not accepted on this part of the network yet. All they could suggest was to contact Shell, or just monitor the Shell App to see if/when this new site appears on there.


EVM visits the Morrisons mentioned above.