Fully Charged North - Anyone Going

Is anyone going to Harrogate in May??

As look as though OntO are only going to the event in Farnborough, and not coming to Harrogate, which is a shame as would loved to have seen them, and thanked them for their gateway drug to EV’s :slight_smile:

I live in the south so I’m going to Farnborough

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ANNOUNCEMENT: BYD chooses Fully Charged LIVE South & North as perfect launch platform for the UK market

  • World’s biggest manufacturer of battery electric (BEV) and plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs), BYD, to exhibit at Fully Charged LIVE South & North

  • Milestone moment for China’s electric carmakers, as its leading OEM, enters the biggest European markets by volume in earnest

  • BYD Auto Co. Ltd (Build Your Dreams) is the automotive subsidiary of BYD Company, a world-leader in battery technologies, buses and trucks

  • BYD to exhibit and participate in the Fully Charged LIVE test drive programme with their ATTO 3 EV

  • Fully Charged LIVE is a YouTube sensation turned ‘festival of electrification’ with 50,000 ‘EV-ready buyers’ expected across 2 UK events (South and North)

  • Fully Charged LIVE going global with 6 events in 2023 – Australia, Canada, Europe, USA & UK – and the 1st Fully Charged AWARDS in Amsterdam

BYD Auto – the automotive subsidiary of publicly listed Chinese multinational manufacturer BYD company – has confirmed its presence at the UK editions of the world’s no.1 electric vehicle shows.

With 2023 set to be the biggest year yet for electric vehicle sales around the world, it is anticipated that this is the year when Chinese carmakers start to export electric cars in significant volumes.

Fully Charged LIVE’s flagship event at Farnborough International on April 28th, 29th & 30th expects ~ 300 exhibitors, including more than 20 of the biggest car brands.

This year’s Farnborough event will include its largest contingent of Asian challenger brands ever, as well as a selection of long-established legacy automakers. The first-year Harrogate event follows at the Yorkshire Event Centre on May 19th, 20th and 21st.

Amongst the selection of cars on show at both events will be BYD’s impressive ATTO 3 – which will be part of the largest ever EV test drive programme ever held in the world.

Just launched in the UK, the BYD ATTO 3 is a compact yet spacious C-Segment SUV. Combining modern aesthetics with exceptional intelligence and efficiency. ATTO 3 utilises the revolutionary Blade Battery plus the next-generation BYD ePlatform 3.0 that incorporates an 8-1 electric powertrain, for the ultimate in system efficiency and integrated vehicle intelligence.

In addition to the electric vehicle exhibitors and test drives, visitors to both shows will also be able to access EV-related attractions including the Electric Launchpad, Electric Alley and Electric & Eclectic. Additionally, as the Fully Charged SHOW on YouTube covers electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes, home energy and clean energy, there will be an array of additional features including the Home Energy Advice Team, Zero Carbon Kitchen, Commercial Vehicle Zone, Fully Charged BUSINESS and Two-Wheel Test Track.

At the heart of the events are more than 50 ‘live sessions’ where the presenters of the Fully Charged SHOW on YouTube host entertaining on-stage sessions with energy and transport experts.

As well as the two UK events in 2023, Fully Charged LIVE launches in Canada (Vancouver) later in the year and completes the year, with established events in the USA and Europe.

The first Fully Charged AWARDS – a global, consumer choice ceremony – will be held in Amsterdam in late November 2023.

Dan Caesar, CEO of the Fully Charged SHOW had this to say:
“We’ve long predicted that Chinese carmakers would play a pivotal role in the global transition to electric vehicles, and there are none bigger than BYD. We are delighted to welcome them to multiple Fully Charged LIVE shows in 2023. We know from our YouTube analytics, that our audience is eager to see, touch and test BYD’s electric cars, not least as until now there has been a shortage of more affordable electric vehicles in European markets. At the Fully Charged SHOW we have a unique vantage point - we work with over a hundred carmakers old and new - we are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in the automotive market. Legacy automakers can no longer rely on long-held brand loyalties, and a huge percentage of the car market is in play. Fully Charged LIVE is the only physical event where you can see almost every electric vehicle available as part of an educational, entertaining day out.”

Mark Blundell, Marketing & PR Manager BYD UK commented:
“We’re absolutely delighted to showcase our brand and the recently launched ATTO 3 at Fully Charged LIVE South and North which will be the first public events in the UK for BYD. With a range of ATTO 3s available to test drive and our knowledgeable team on hand we’re looking forward to welcoming guests to our stand to discover more about our brand, our technology, and our future plans for BYD in the UK”.


Yes - just the three days…………

….after ahem four days in FCLS……

Punishment <===> Glutton!


I think we have a couple staff members going to the north one as visitors as appose to exhibitors.

I may go to farnborough with Onto as I did last year as a staff member but I may swing by the Harrogate one as a visitor as I live near Durham


I’ve never been to one.

Is it necessary to go all 3 days or can you cover most things in one day?

It’s about 80 mins away from me.

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@MisterOaks Its loads of stalls, displays and demos and you can test drive cars too.

I went to FC South last year and there was some pretty cool stuff there. I’d say if you go for a full day you can have a look at everything if you’re just wanting to look around but if you’re wanting test drives and to watch some of the talks and discussions & do more than look about you’ll need more than a day.

Just my opinion :slight_smile:

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Cheers for the insight. This was exactly what I was expecting the response to be.

I’ll see if I get can a pass from the boss :eyes:


I’m not 100% if I’m going yet but If I do I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

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Farnborough or Harrogate?

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Is it four days this year or do you arrive a day early and wear a “press” tee shirt?

I’m going to wear an ONTO sweatshirt and see if they let me in early as an exhibitor! I’ll engage @Dan_at_Onto in conversation just as he arrives at the entrance :wink:


@E7EV you can hand out business cards while I go for a sandwich


It’s officially three days, but I have a “GateCrash Special” through a lovely bunch of friends I now know through starting out with an EV all those months ago….

(Don’t tell anyone - that’s just between you and me……what day are you going again? Meet at the “usual” place and heckle the people on that stand??)

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I bought my ticket in December for Harrogate… (or Harrow Gate for those who are posh) :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure which day yet though, probably on the Saturday…

Shame OntO arent going to be there as exhibitors…

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Farnborough. I’m in beautiful Hertfordshire :deciduous_tree:


There’s a “beautiful” bit to Hertfordshire?

(Apologies, been following (virtually) an Engenie driver going round and around in Watford, faithfully believing the charging Gods might be kind. It’s Watford. They won’t.)

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Insert angry emoji.


Will Onto have any merch like caps T shirts and pens

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@WilliamEV im not 100% sure . Well only be at fully charged south this year but I’ll ask our marketing team to communicate whether we’ve got any merch as last year we had cups, hoodies t shirts and tote bags

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I have a cup, hoodie and tote bag. Didn’t get no T-shirt :sob:

Hook me up, sir 🫡

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