Fully Charged Live - what a weekend!

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great bank holiday. Well, what an incredible weekend we had at Fully Charged Live South!

Thanks so much to everyone that came to see our team at the Onto stand and anyone that watched me speak on the lively panel discussion on the Friday - it was all great fun.

We gave away almost 500 prizes from our competition - including subscription offers, Onto swag and three lucky golden tickets worth a free month in the Renault Megane-E! We’ll contact all the golden ticket winners at some point this week.

We’re sorry we can’t make the North event this time round, hopefully next year we’ll be able to do both and meet even more of our Onto Community. Here are some of our favourite pictures, and check out our social media channels for more content. We’d love you to share yours too and tell us your highlights from the event!

Thanks once again, and hopefully see you again soon.



I’ll say it again, shame you guys are coming to Fully Charged North, seems like the North doesnt exist for events, as there was never a meet up up here… seems very southern biased… :frowning:


@mozzauk Hey!

Hope you’re well! We’d love to see more of our Onto community from the North.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had the right opportunity just yet. Our subscriber base in the North is growing which means with that comes opportunity to get more people involved and add value to the events as we absolutely don’t want to leave anyone out.

Given it’s the first year of fully charged live North, we decided we’d see how it went this year and hopefully we’ll be attending next year.