From VW ID Family Pro to Renault Megan e-tech - 1st impressions

I thought this post might help anyone considering swopping from the ID3 to the Megan e-tech. Having been an Onto VW ID3 driver for 18-months we swopped to the Renault at the begining of Dec-22.
The front wheel drive Megan is far better to drive than the rear wheel ID3. Far less body roll, positive cornering and a more sporty feel, as a result.
Charging and range
The ID3 adjusted it’s range depending on what was drawing the battery and was therefore more accurate, the Renault has a notional range and doesn’t immediately alter with heating etc. Too soon to tell, although my gut feeling is the ID3 has marginally better range in the extreme cold.
I thought having the charge point on the front left wing of the Megan would be an improvement over the ID3, rear. However, I am finding that if you cannot get into the right bay of a charger then the cable doesn’t always reach. I think the front charging vehicles give best flexibility. When will operators learn to provide more cable lenghth!
Assisted Cruise Control
The ID3 comes out on top for this. It reads speed signs and automatically adjusts speeds, even adjusting for cornering speeds (albeit a little over the top). The Megan has to be initiated and then flags a speed change which you then need to accept on the left wheel control. I have not found a way to automate this.
Head Light Visability
The ID3 has significantly better lighting over the Megane. Not just marginally so, but significantly.
Boot space
The boot is deeper and has more space in the Megan, however the boot access opening space is bigger in the ID3, allowing bigger objects like bikes to be put in.
Keyless entry
The Megan without fail works as soon as you walk up to the vehicle. The ID3 was hit and miss and also touch handle didn’t always unlock the car.

Overall, taking into account the above I do think the Megan is the better drivers choice, despite the cost difference, I just wish it had the lighting of the ID3 and more range.

Hope this helps.


Interesting but still couldn’t bring myself to pay more for a Renault than a VW


Hey, thinking of doing the same swapping id.3 for Megane, would you still recommend ?

Worth having a chat with @K12Beano. He is currently on a long expedition around the UK in his Megane. Probably the best person to pass his views on about the car.