Fisker Ocean trim levels and prices

Was just watching videos on the mg 5 facelift which may take a while to get a RHD conversion, just like the Marvel R if it ever gets one and got re-excited about the Fisker ocean. The ultra trim is supposed to be $49,999 around £37,000 about the same price as an ID3 but with 540bhp!!! Obviously it’s highly unlikely that we will see it that cheap, but one can hope.


If you use the gb part of the site

it will show £ pricing for all the models. Seems only half the colours are available. Really like the orange as it’s suits the shape well, but looks like it’s not available for the U.K…

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It’s just as I expected the ultra model seems to be at least £10,000 more expensive than in the US that is just F**kng ridiculous to keep it PG. We will be paying almost the same figure but in pounds and not dollars, we get treated like dummies.

Not certain about this and whether it explains the difference, but in the USA they advertise prices without any taxes, in the UK ( and Europe I think) when selling to the general public all prices include taxes (vat in our case). So the final price might actually be about the same, I’ve no idea what tax they pay in the USA on a car.

They do but it’s around 5% for some states not our insane 20% plus they get much better federal incentives for plug in vehicles even on fairly expensive ones. You get practically no incentive from our government now especially on vehicles over a certain price threshold. Maybe someone has the up to date figures on plug in grants?

Surely you can’t be surprised about that? The exact same thing happened when Tesla and the media said the model 3 would be “affordable”.

ONTO have (or as one of my surveys revealed, many believe had) an exclusive deal with Fisker to offer the Ocean on subscription.

So the retail price, as we know, will not be an accurate barometer to determine what ONTO would be able to offer it for.


I always get surprised at our government taking 20% from us on everything we buy and then wasting it on golden wallpaper, jets and giving lucrative contracts to old buddies etc

I hope they’ve got a good deal because I’m excited about this vehicle.

Reserve your Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean Prototype is Complete!

It’s official! The Fisker Ocean prototype is off the line with our CEO and Founder Henrik Fisker at our partner Magna’s climate neutral factory in Graz, Austria.
Electric things are coming!


European launch livestream in progress now…

Join us Live today at 9:35 AM CET!

Fisker Ocean Reveal at Mobile World Congress
in Barcelona.

Tune-in soon for our European reveal of the production-intent Fisker Ocean at Mobile World Congress.

Today at 9:35 AM CET.


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The more I see this car the more I :heart_eyes: it.

It wasn’t priced as I hoped it would be, so I suspect it will be quite pricey with Onto as well.


Me too. I can see us swapping the I-pace for one of these next year as it really is cutting edge tech. Only the base model is RWD all others being AWD which is what I would want as a minimum.


Watching - because it’s “super-exciting”



That’s what the man said…

Delivery November - mobile servicing…

Made out of sustainable vegans

Hollywood mode to make you look a very cool t**t…

…oh - and he’s “super-excited” too… :smiley:

[No - I really do like the look of it, I just won’t be able to afford/have the use case… but when are Onto getting them!! ???]


2023 is the slated year, no idea yet which quarter though.

Should be great build quality as Magna make loads of branded cars, including the i-Pace.

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After today’s announcements these will probably be £1000 a month lol


Or…. Fail to materialise 🫣🤷‍♂️🫢

Would be a shame if it fails to materialise. Fisker Ocean is a really good car. I really hope ONTO price them well. I will probably have my own car by the time it lands here but still for the future subscribers, I hope they don’t have to mortgage their house to have this car.