Fisker ocean suv


Amazing price!

I really like it. I hope onto secure a good price for them, I think they’ll be popular


It’s a much bigger car than the i3 though… so will likely be less manoeuvrable, but will have great storage and room inside.


My car before the i3 was the Cayenne, hopefully I remember how to drive a big car :joy:


Fisker is not as big as the Cayenne so should be perfect. Its about the size of the Skoda Enyaq iV looking at spec released so far.
I know its a long way off but it is sure to be popular even though not that many people will recognise the brand, so those keen to get the car should be in with first dibs, before the others research and try and book.

I know it is WAY to early to speculate on UK price, but where do people see this sitting in the Onto range?

They’re targeting a $35k price point in the US aren’t they? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s sitting around £499-£599 price point. But then again the Q4 did surprise me with the pricing on that of £999 so who knows with ONTO. they‘l also have the only Fiskers in the UK so, might be able to set any price they like to make money for both Fisker and ONTO as a business. :man_facepalming::rofl: